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Citizens' Dialogue in Oulu, Finland  

​The seminar's theme is smart specialisation in the Oulu Region. The aim is to make smart specialisations visible to the citizens and to the developer of the region’s development organizations and to muncipalities. Also the partners are able to promote their results and projects and learn from each others.

We are making our smart specialisations visible. The morning will focus on high-level political speeches. In the afternoon the expert panel of smart specialisation discusses about region’s smart specialisation (ICT, health and well-being technology, cleantech, metal industry and wood industry). The event will present EU co-funded projects and best practices in the smart specialisation themes. Focus will be on structural Fund projects (ERDF and ESF) and the Horizon-2020 projects.

The seminar is organised in cooperation with the actors in the region. As a result, awareness of Regional Development and EU-funded activities in the area will increase and deepen.

Organizer: Council of Oulu Region
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