Safe vaccines for Europeans - #StrongerTogether  
The European Union secured 2.6 billion doses of vaccines in its initial negotiations with vaccine companies, and has reserved an additional 1.8 billion doses with BioNTech-Pfizer for 2021-2023. This European approach, which built on the joint negotiating strength of 27 Member States and 450 million people, will allow more than 1 billion people in Europe, its neighborhood and beyond to be vaccinated. In cooperation with other EU institutions, we are sharing useful information on how vaccines work, and how extraordinary their rapid development and uptake has and continues to be.

Vaccine data June 2021

According to vaccines producers and ECDC data, last updated on 21 June 2021, 385 million doses were delivered in the EU, 325.1 million were administered and a total 57% of the adult EU population received at least one vaccine dose. 

For latest communications on the EU coronavirus vaccines strategy please visit this web​page.​

For data on vaccination progress in Europe, visit the ECDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, or the WHO COVID​-19 Vaccine Programme Monitor (Europe).​

​ A new Flash Eurobarometer survey conducted at the end of May 2021 showed that 75% agree that COVID-19 vaccines are the only way to end the pandemic. 69% are either already vaccinated, or eager to be vaccinated as soon as possible, although there are significant variations among Member States and by age group. Read more.


1. Securing future COVID-19 vaccines for Europeans
2. How do COVID-19 vaccines work?
3. The health benefits of vaccination
4. COVID-19 vaccines: How are they developed, authorised and put on the market?
5. COVID-19 vaccines: Making sure they are safe
6. Vaccines and vaccination: the way out of the coronavirus pandemic – Next steps
7. Preparing Europe for COVID-19 variants


1. Safe vaccine for Europeans - subtitles in all languages
2. How many vaccines the EU has secured, who is going to get them and when?
3. How are vaccines approved in the EU
4. Covid-19 vaccinations: more solidarity and transparency needed (Europarl TV)
5. Covid-19 vaccine: why so fast (Council of the EU)

More videos are available on the Audiovisual Service webpage of the European Commission.

Other resources

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7. EMA recommends first (BioNTech/Pfizer) COVID-19 vaccine for authorisation in the EU (21 December 2021)
8. EMA recommends second (Moderna) COVID-19 Vaccine for authorisation in the EU (6 January 2021)
9. EMA recommends third (AstraZeneca)​ COVID-19 Vaccine for authorisation in the EU​​​ (29 January 2021)​
10. EMA recommends fourth (Johnson&Johnson) COVID-19 Vaccine for authorisation in the EU (11 March 2021)​

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