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Young Elected Politician programme 2024 

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​​​​Are you a politician with a mandate at local or regional level in the EU or in a candidate country for EU accession, born after 1 January 1989? Are you looking for opportunities to network, exchange best practices, gather information on EU legislation and EU funding opportunities, be involved in the work of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR​), and meet and debate with CoR members and other local, regional and European politicians? You are invited to apply to join the Young Elected Politicians (YEP) network!

The call has been extended until 14 June 2024 for all EU candidate countries and the following Member States: Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania. Read below for all the details and APPLY!



You can apply if you:

  • ​​have been elected by direct universal suffrage at regional or local level in a Member State of the European Union or an EU Candidate Country
  • are born after 1 January 1989
  • do not hold a mandate as a CoR member or alternate
  • have a good level of English
  • complete the application form.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of the quality of their application form and with an eye to ensuring gender parity and balance in terms of regional and local representation, political affiliation and nationality. 

Only applications in English will be considered. 


Becoming a YEP means getting direct insight and first-hand experience at the highest political fora of the EU. Some of the opportunities YEPs are presented with include:

  • ​​to network with fellow YEPs from elsewhere in the EU and candidate countries for EU accession and other politicians at local, regional, national and European level
  • to exchange best practices with other local and regional politicians through dedicated online platforms
  • to understand the opportunities offered by the EU for local and regional areas
  • to speak on behalf of EU regions and municipalities in the European legislative process
  • to learn about and directly contribute to EU policy-making
  • to raise your profile and that of your community at the EU level

In addition, selected YEPs will have the opportunity to participate in various communication activities and training programmes related to the programme.


The programme is structured around the institutional role and activities of the CoR. This means that YEPs are invited to follow and participate in sessions relating to the thematic commissions of the CoR through debates, consultations with rapporteurs on key CoR opinions and by participating to conferences and seminars.

Members of the YEP programme also get the opportunity to take part of national delegation meetings and meet CoR members from their Member State, Political Group meetings to network with their peers and be part of the Plenary sessions of the CoR.

​YEPs are also an integral part of the CoR's flagship events – such as the EURegionsWeek or the European Summit of Regions and Cities. Members of the programme are often presented with opportunities to organise, facilitate and speak in dedicated sessions and priority conferences throughout the year. 

For a full overview of the benefits and objectives of the YEP programme, please refer to our press kit​


The 2024 YEP programme will last until spring 2025, with activities scheduled throughout the year. All YEPs receive a provisional planning of milestone events at the start of the programme and are also informed about new opportunities open to the programme throughout its duration.

After the first year of the programme, YEPs become an alumnus and are invited to further events of the YEP programme and the flagship events of the CoR.


Becoming a part of the YEP programme allows participants to take part in a wide variety of events. As such, YEPs can join events that take place online (e.g. consultations with CoR rapporteurs), in hybrid (e.g. conferences on key policy areas), in-person at the CoR premises in Brussels (e.g. CoR Plenary sessions) or even outside Brussels (e.g. external meetings of CoR commissions)!

​YEPs are informed in due time about the modalities of attendance. 


To apply, you must fill out the following form in English:

Apply to join the YEP community​

Due to the proximity of local and regional elections, the call for applications for the 2024 YEP programme is extended until 14 June 2024 for all EU candidate countries and the following Member States: Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania.

Applications from other Member States received after 19 April 2024 will not be considered.

Members of the YEP programme are also often entitled to reimbursement for their participation in CoR activities that they are invited to. In the case of events requiring physical presence in Brussels or in external meetings, the CoR may:

  • ​reimburse travel costs
  • pay a flat-rate subsistence allowance per stay, upon presentation of proof of an overnight stay in the place where the meeting is being held. ​


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