Opinion Factsheet  

Utworzenie europejskiego obszaru edukacji do 2025 r.

Opinion Number: CDR 4756/2020
Rapporteur: BOC Emil
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 19/03/2021
Continue to directly contribute to the establishment of the European Education Area and call for clear milestones and commensurate means for its completion by 2025;
Highlight the key role of LRAs in the process and their potential, beyond sharing of good practices on investment in education, as real partners in reforming education and training policies and an interface between the world of learning and the world of work;
Support a global approach to research, innovation, education and youth policy areas and plead for the establishment of powerful links and synergies between the European Education Area (EEA) and the European Research Area (ERA);
Insist on the need to ensure quality and inclusive education for all and bridge the gaps between regions in the framework of green and digital transitions and to also valorise the activities of regional and peripheral education and training institutions;
Call for the CoR to be included in the future enhanced structured work and the Steering Board for the European Education Area and to be part of the permanent European Education Area Platform;
Ensure that LRAs continue to play a vital role in implementing and (re)designing the proposed reforms and measures.