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Znaczenie przetwarzania odpadów w energię w gospodarce o obiegu zamkniętym

Opinion Number: CDR 1982/2017
Rapporteur: TÜTTŐ Kata
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 30/11/2017

- is convinced that local and regional authorities have a key role to play in achieving the EU's common waste management objectives, particularly when it comes to the management of municipal waste, as they are the ones who will have to implement the decisions taken and the great diversity of situations precludes a one-size-fits-all solution;

- calls on the European Commission to ensure that the Member States involve local and regional authorities closely in drawing up the strategy, adopting the necessary technical and fiscal measures, developing the financial support mechanisms, and exchanging good practices;

considers it essential for financial support at all levels to be in line with the waste hierarchy and, as far as possible, to be redirected towards prevention, public information, high-quality separate waste collection schemes and the development of reuse and recycling infrastructure, as well as towards research and innovation in the field; waste and the income generated should ideally be used to develop local public services and reduce their cost.



Meeting with the European Environmental Bureau

Rapporteur Kata Tutto (HU/PES) met with Piotr Barczak from the European Environmental Bureau to talk about the place of waste-to-energy in the waste hierarchy and in the waste management policies of cities and regions.
They discussed the key question of financing, feasibility to jump from landfilling to recycling, and practical difficulties on the ground for instance to find where to deliver fertilisers made from urban waste.

25 Apr

Meeting with Zero Waste Europe

Rapporteur Kata Tutto (HU/PES) met with Ferran Rosa from Zero Waste Europe to discuss the role of cities and regions in waste management. Zero Waste Europe quoted the work of leading cities and regions which have achieved quick and tangible results on prevention and recycling: Milan and Contarina.

25 Apr

Meeting with the European Commission

Rapporteur Kata Tutto (HU/PES) met with Jose Jorge Diaz del Castillo from the Directorate General for Environment. They discussed the European Commission Guidelines for member states on the role of waste to energy in the circular economy. They focused on the current situation, expected changes - notably decrease in feedstock for incinerators - and lack of data.

25 Apr

Meeting with CEWEP

Rapporteur Kata Tutto met with Dr Ella Stengler, Managing Director, and Lighea Speziale, Scientific and Technical Officer of CEWEP, the Confederation of Waste-to-energy plants. Together they discussed the contribution of waste-to-energy plants to the circular economy, the need to take into account recycling reject, and how waste-to-energy plants helped cities to reach their waste management targets.

25 Apr

Meeting with the rapporteurs of the European Economic and Social Committee

Rapporteur Kata Tutto (HU/PES) met with rapporteur Cillian Lohan and co-rapporteur Antonello Pezzini of the European Economic and Social Committee.
They discussed the possibility to use public funding to promote best practices on circular economy thinking, the importance of research and dealing with mixed waste as well as the importance of anaerobic digestion and biogas.

24 Apr
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