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Opinion Number: CDR 15/2019
Rapporteur: SACRÉDEUS Birgitta
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 08/10/2019
Wtih this opinion the European Committee of the Regions provides its political evaluation of the European Innovation PArtnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, arguing in favour of keeping the process going beyond the 2020.

The opinion presents also a timely contribution to the Digital Agenda process, providing the linkage between Silver Economy, public health and local and regional authorities. It recalls that the LRA's budgets bear the weight of chronic diseases and rising costs of long-term care while highlighting that subnational authorities are also best placed to act preventatively, promote healthy lifestyle and raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity, self-care and digital innovation.

Finally, the political objective of the opinion is to explore the opportunities brought by digital revolution as a response to demographic change. In this context, the LRAs play a pivotal role in designing and scaling up innovation that make the life of older citizens easier. Confronted with the challenge of long-term care sustainability and availability, the LRAs are increasingly involved in the silver economy sector and explore its potential, in cities and rural areas.

This opinion has been received with much interest and support by the civil society. The Rapporteur built a strong network of contacts in the course of elaborating the Committee's opinion and is currently being asked to give interviews, extend her patronage over large events held in Brussels and to mentor young people interested in public health and policy-making at European level.

 calls for a strong public health programme and for the budgetary prioritisation of health promotion, disease prevention and reduction of health inequalities in the EU's post-2020 research programme

 notes that local and regional authorities define, deliver and manage a whole range of services than can make a positive difference and influence how people age in their communities and play a pivotal role in designing and scaling up innovations that make life easier for older people

 calls on the Member States and their regions to reflect together with doctors' and nurses' organisations on how to make the health profession more attractive, on training and retraining modules in order to deal with staff shortages

 argues that, after 2020, the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Health Ageing must be firmly embedded in the Union's policy priorities and have strong ties with the Digital Single Market, the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals in the field of health



WHO RHN - CoR conference "Keeping people at the centre of health care and sustainable development policies"

The Rapporteur attended a high-level conference (by invitation only) organised by the Finnish Presidency of the Council. Held in Helsinki 9-10 July, this event brought together representatives of the EU institutions, industry and civil society and focused on new solutions and ideas to make Silver Economy deliver positive outcomes for the citizens. Robotics, artificial intelligence, innovative software and new ways of working for and with seniors were on the agenda.

26 Jun
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