[Y]Factor conference: Between Regional & European Identity  
[Y]Factor conference: Between Regional & European Identity
Between European and Regional identity Youth perspective in the European Year of Cultural Heritage​
The EU is the biggest and most successful regional integration project of modern times. However, the increase in (regional) separatist movements all over Europe reveals crucial tensions at its heart: the often-complicated relationship between nation-states and their regional entities, as well as the uncertainty concerning the position of the EU in this.

Planned by the trainees of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) one-day conference will bring together up to 70 young people from across Europe to discuss their sense of regional identity and Europeaness. During this conference we will create a two-way brainstorming opportunity in the form of participatory workshops, where young people can express themselves on topics related to regional identity. The objective is to provide a platform for exchange and debate on youth policies and actions providing regional and EU policy-makers with ideas inspiring a sense of belonging to the European project. Simultaneously, the event aims to be a networking opportunity for young people to further their involvement in the design and roll-out of cultural activities.
The [Y]Factor project is also organizing a photo competition​, open to every young people from 18 to 35 years old. 

In line with resolutions of the CoR and the European Parliament (EP) the event will be a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Moreover, in the framework of the European elections in 2019 the conference and its outcome could inform activities aimed at creating awareness about the elections among young people.
At the conference there will the award ceremony for the photo contest #rEUnited. In this contest young people are invited to reflect on how they perceive their regional identity in relation to a European identity.

The conference programme is available here​

Information on workshops are available here​
Registrations are now closed. Please be informed that, for security reasons, the European Committee of the Regions will not accept on-site registrations. 


Organizer: European Committee of the Regions