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Joint Consultative Committee between the European Committee of the Regions and Montenegro  

Joint Consultative Committee between the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and Montenegro will hold its 13th meeting on 15 October 2019 in Tivat, Montenegro.

Joint consultative committees (JCCs) are permanent form of the EU cooperation with the candidate countries, such as Montenegro. JCCs are paritary bodies, meaning that they have equal number of members from the CoR and a partner country, in this case eight (+ political observer from the group of the European Conservatives and Reformists – ECR), and eight alternate members from each side. JCC Montenegro has two Co-Chairs. From the EU (CoR) side the Co-Chair is Ms Jelena Drenjanin (SE/EPP), and from Montenegrin side Mr Aleksandar Kašćelan, Mayor of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje. From the European side, meetings are prepared by the Secretariat of the Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX), and from the Montenegrin side by the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro (UoM).

The purpose of the JCC Montenegro is to, by discussing various topics of common interest, help the development of local democracy, good governance, rule of law, and local economic development, as well as support local government and public administration in their efforts for the future membership of the country in the EU.

On the agenda of the 13th meeting of the JCC Montenegro will be two important topics: System of financing and maintenance of municipal infrastructure and "Should we still work with our hands?" – Role of manufacturing industry in local economic development. The speakers from the EU side are: Amb. Aivo Orav, Head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro; Jaroslav Hlinka (SK/PES), the CoR rapporteur on the 2019 Enlargement package; Sonja Polonijo, city councillor in Crikvenica, Croatia, and waste management expert, and Dr Velibor Mačkić, professor at the Faculty of Business and Economy, University of Zagreb, Croatia. From the Montenegrin side, speakers include: Siniša Kusovac, Mayor of Tivat; Aleksandar Drljević, Chief Negotiator with the EU; Sanja Živković, Secretary of the Committee for Spacial Planning of UoM, and Ranko Mišnić, Mayor of Mojkovac.   

Contact Person: CIVEX secretariat
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions, CIVEX Commission, The city of Tivat, Montenegro
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