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Integration through your lens: Photo contest and exhibition  

​The CoR in cooperation with the CPMR and the AER have launched the photography contest "Integration through your lens".

All photos below were exhibited during the conference Go Local: Supporting Regions, Cities and Rural Areas in Migrants' Integration on 3 December in Brussels. An exhibition at the Committee of the Regions will follow later.




Award winner: "Bushrah Alkhalaf with her family"

Author: Leah Bentham, Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement


Bushrah Alkhalaf, with her family, after winning her race at Cork City Sports. Bushrah and her family were resettled from Syria in January 2019. Bushrah started school in Ireland soon after and through school got involved in athletics. In May she competed in Cork City Sports. The HSE Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement team have worked closely with Bushrah and her family, supporting them to adjust to their new neighbourhood and to get involved in local community activities.


The other selected pictures exhibited during the GoLocal conference were:


"Al Badri's wife Abed and his daughters"

Author: Development Agency of Karditsa (AN.KA.) s.a., 34, Megalou Alexandrou str, 43100, Karditsa, Greece


Al Badri's wife Abed and his daughters Hayat and Huda enjoy the autumn sunshine on the doorstep of their home provided by the Accommodation program. After unrelenting hardships, dangers, uncertainty, they can - at last - smile calm, almost happy, in the safety of their home in the centre of Karditsa. The youngest Huda, always in a good mood, does not differ from the other kids in her school, as her Greek is now fluent.


"Integration of migrants and refugees in mountainous rural areas in Galicia" 

Author: Subdirección Xeral de Inclusión e Integración Social, Dirección Xeral de Inclusión Social, Consellería de Política Social, Xunta de Galicia



Integration of migrants and refugees in mountainous rural areas in Galicia with high rates of depopulation and population ageing.

This is an example of holistic and sustainable development of the rural community. The aim is to retain the local population, reverse the process of emigration, tackle poverty, boost employment and equal opportunities, and attract new residents. This is done by promoting activities that improve the perception of new residents and boost the creation of shared living spaces.


"Favino gives a voice to the foreigners whom nobody hears"

Author: Susanna Henneh


The photographs are inspired by Bernard-Marie Koltès's monologue "The Night Just Before the Forests". It's dark, and Koltès meets a homeless man and stops to talk to him. The man is desperate, thinking his life has reached the point of no return. He tells Koltès how difficult it is to be a foreigner, with the resulting problems of identity, morality, isolation and a hard life. By reciting this monologue, Favino gives a voice to the foreigners whom nobody hears.


"Lingua Migrante project"

Author: CSC Credito Senza Confini Soc. Coop.


In the last decade, Calabria, Italy, has welcomed many foreign citizens. Among these many women who have joined their husbands already settled in the area. In the Plain of Sybaris, the largest plain in the region, women without family support network to take care of their children, remain excluded from the access services and social life. Lingua Migrante project, through an on the road literacy campaign on camper-van, aims to combat social marginalization and promote the inclusion of new citizens.


"Firas playing with a Czech child"

Author: Mina Meshreky, Caption: Jacob Condran


“29 September, 2019, Firas, 20, a young man with special needs, playing with a Czech child at a cookout held by Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist. Firas came to the Czech Republic three years ago from Iraq, fleeing the violence caused by ISIS, escaping before the bombing of his home. The Cathedral sponsored Firas' education and on afternoons such as this, Firas has been gifted a sense of community in his new home."


"Zeru zeru"

Author: Marco Ricorda


Being albino in Nigeria doesn't just mean having a different skin pigmentation. It means risking discrimination, mutiliation or death. Victims of myths according to which their limbs bring "good luck." They're called "zeru zeru", "invisible".

My community wonder why they come to our economy-torn town to steal our jobs. I published his story in our local newspaper to get them to wonder what pushes them to embark on a journey for their life across the Mediterranean after detention in Libya.


"Cricket by the tents"

Author: Sabela González

Around 25 sixteen-years-old children waited several days in their tents until they received a ball and some cricket bat. They have left their country months ago and, since then, they don´t go to school. We do not know where they are now.


"Children playing on the playground"

Author : Jana Papcunova, Organisation : Centre Mokosha NGO Košice


The photographs show four children playing on the playground, just outside the hospital in Košice.

The girls are from Libya  and the boys are Slovakian.

The author of the photograph captured the moment of a friendship - with no prejudice or stereotype.

Kids are amazing when it comes to making friends and having fun - no matter the religion or nationality.

I work as a psychologist with families with disabled children and individuals living in Košice. Some of my clients come from a refugee background.

This family has been granted subsidiary protection in Slovakia and has been living and integrating in Košice for a while.

The day the picture was taken, I was asked by my client - mother of 3 from Libya - to look after her two older daughters  while she attends doctor appointment with her very ill son.

It was a summer holiday and I was home with my two sons. I do that very rare, but because it was the last minute, I had no choice but take them with me.

The kids were amazing - playing, chatting, having fun despite their different culture, look. This makes me very hopeful for our next generation.


"You Make Me Smile"

Author: Beuar Musa Eysa, submitted by Caritas Bulgaria


Amena Bibi is 14, from Afghanistan. She arrived in Bulgaria together with her family from Afghanistan in 2016. She has a little brother Matin, 5 years old, and two sisters, 9 and 11 years old. While staying in Bulgaria, Amena takes care of her younger brother, Matin, who suffers from autism. She and her sisters attend Bulgarian school, but because of her brother's illness she cannot continue her education. Her dream is to be a doctor, which can help all autistic patients.


"Film director Omar Al Samarrai and Hungarian film legend Béla Tarr"

Author: Timothy Lawrence


Molenbeek (BE) - Film director Omar Al Samarrai and Hungarian film legend Béla Tarr pose together at the Cinemaximiliaan Project House on the occasion of the premiere of "Letter from Brussels", a collaborative film as part of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts:

"Cinemaximiliaan brings films and debates to asylum centres, private homes and cinemas, bridging newcomers with locals in a personal way. The starting point of this film project is each participants' desire to share his or her story through a short film."


"Discussion in front of a satellite image"

Photo taken at mapathons organized within the framework of our project, MAnnheimer MAPAthons (“MAMAPA")


Discussion in front of a satellite image: 'That's a hut', Klaus says. 'It's just a tree', Moni retorts. But Zunera has already worked it out!

To support the integration of immigrants in Germany's Rhein-Neckar region and to contribute to international humanitarian initiatives, locally-organised 'mapathons' provide introductory training in modern cartography.


"Fundamental rights – Showing face for democracy, tolerance and respect!"

Author: Ursula Hartmann-Graham, Jobcenter, Soziale Hilfen, Soziale Sonderaufgaben, Kreisverwaltung Mainz-Bingen


Citizens from 13 different countries of origin living in the rural district of Mainz-Bingen "show face" to raise awareness of the German constitution and the fundamental rights it contains. The photos are part of the photo calendar entitled "Show face for democracy, tolerance and respect – today, tomorrow, every day". It is the result of the 2018 project of the same name organised by the Mainz Bingen district administration. The project participants discussed fundamental rights in small groups, developed the photo calendar design and also modelled for the photos.


Organizer: European Committee of the Regions (CoR)
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