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Annual meeting of the European Entrepreneurial Regions  
The Future of the COSME programme
The annual meeting of the European Entrepreneurial Regions will focus on the future of the COSME programme, as Europe's main instrument supporting the competitiveness of SMEs. It will identify existing good practices in implementing COSME-funded actions in regions and cities, highlight challenges and bottlenecks encountered at regional or local level that should be taken into account when renewing COSME, and generate ideas on how the next edition of COSME or a successor programme could best contribute to strengthening regional and local business environments.
In accordance with the priorities of the current COSME programme, the meeting will focus on supporting access to finance, promoting entrepreneurship, and facilitating SME internationalisation. A first round-table discussion will address the specific financing needs of different types of SMEs, such as traditional SMEs, start-ups, or micro-enterprises. The second panel will focus more specifically on the COSME Equity Facility for Growth, aiming to identify current needs in equity financing for SMEs and start-ups. The third round table discussion will examine how COSME can contribute to promoting entrepreneurship and SME internationalisation at regional and local level. It will also explore how cities and regions could benefit from COSME to strengthen networking activities aimed at linking entrepreneurial ecosystems or developing the collaborative economy.
The discussions will bring together the European Entrepreneurial Regions of 2017 with past EER winners, practitioners from other regional and local authorities, CoR Members, representatives of the other EU institutions, stakeholders, and external experts.
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Organizer: EER Secretariat
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