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Webinar: Edinburgh Process - Thematic webinar on Resources mobilisation  


Decision 14/22 states that resource mobilization will be an integral part of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. Parties at CBD COP14 decided to initiate preparations of this resource mobilization component at an early stage, and in full coherence and coordination with the overall process of developing the post-2020 framework.

As mentioned in the Zero Draft of the Post 2020 global biodiversity framework, governments and societies need to determine priorities and allocate financial and other resources, internalize the value of nature and recognize the cost of inaction to achieve the 2050 vision of living in harmony with nature. However, subnational governments face numerous obstacles in accessing and attracting public and private financing for biodiversity action. It is, therefore, necessary to address such obstacles and barriers in the post-2020 biodiversity policy framework.

The objective of this webinar is to discuss, based on the experience shared by the guest speakers and the audience, the main elements that the post-2020 framework should include to facilitate the action of subnational governments, cities and other local authorities for biodiversity.

This virtual meeting will:

  • present the Edinburgh Process and main expected outcomes of this webinar;
  • provide a series of examples from across the globe on resources mobilisation by subnational governments, cities and other local authorities for biodiversity;
  • invite participants to share their perspective on the key elements of resources mobilisation by subnational governments, cities and other local authorities for biodiversity: identification, access and deployment of the resources (see questions below).

This webinar is part of the Edinburgh Process for Subnational and Local Governments on the development of the Post 2020 global biodiversity framework.

This webinar is also part of the World Environment Day 2020. More information at https://www.worldenvironmentday.global/


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