Cities and Regions for Integration of Migrants  

Cities and Regions for Integration initiative provides a political platform for European mayors and regional leaders to showcase positive examples of integration of migrants and refugees, share relevant information and promote diversity as an added value to building inclusive cities and ensuring social cohesion.

• to support the integration of migrants and refugees
• to give a stronger voice to small municipalities, mid-size cities and regions and encourage cooperation between smaller localities, cities and regions
• to contribute to presenting stronger narrative of solidarity and countering disinformation in this field

Key activities
• organisation of political roundtables and high-level conferences
• development and promotion of proposals for EU integration policies
• collection of good experience and practices; collected good practices will be also displayed on the European website on integration run by the European Commission
• facilitation of exchange of good practices
• provision and dissemination of information on integration (funding opportunities, events, good practice, etc.)


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  • Title / Integration of migrants in middle and small cities and in rural areas in Europe

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