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Achtste verslag inzake economische, sociale en territoriale cohesie

Opinion Number: CDR 729/2022
Commission: COTER
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 12/10/2022
On 2 June 2022, the General Affairs Council adopted its conclusions on the 8th cohesion report that had been presented by the European Commission in February 2022. Thanks to the input that the CoR had provided within the framework of a bilateral meeting of the CoR rapporteur on the matter, Ms Nathalie Sarrabezolles (FR/PES), and the French Minister in charge of territorial development and a respective follow-up letter, as well as the informal feedback provided by the COTER secretariat to the Chair of the Council Working Group on Structural Measures, a call on the European Commission to consider including territorial impact assessments in relevant EU policies in order to operationalise the "so not harm cohesion principle" was added to the final version of the Council conclusions. Moreover, references to the place-based approach and a clarification that the structural and long-objectives of cohesion policy must not be harmed in cases where cohesion policy reacts to new developments were added as well.



Presentation of the 8th Cohesion report

The European Commission presented the 8th Cohesion report

09 Feb