Factsheet over het advies 


Opinion Number: CDR 66/2012
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 04/05/2012

- supports the objective of stronger, more fully developed consumer protection within the EU as a necessary condition for the functioning of the single market;

- feels that given the risks associated with globalisation of production chains, authorities need to cooperate more effectively to deny dangerous products access to the internal market, and take the requisite measures should any such products appear on the market;

- feels that the Commission's proposed budget of EUR 197 million for the 2014-2020 Consumer Programme, which does not even amount to five cents per EU consumer, is insufficient;

- emphasises that local authorities should have a key role to play here, as they are closest to citizens. Given the low current budget and therefore the limited options available, closer attention has to be paid to regional cooperation. The Commission should also be more actively involved so that it can participate in the development of a network facilitating the exchange of experience between local organisations;

- agrees that it is also important to highlight the logistical aspects of the role of education in raising consumer awareness, taking into consideration the division of powers at EU level. Curricula in different school systems are very diverse, both in terms of content and method. Harmonised educational materials on consumer protection can be prepared and recommended, with content tailored to the educational level;

- feels it is vital to emphasise support for consumer organisations;

- is concerned that despite the European Commission's announcement in the 2007-2013 programme of its intention to work on a collective redress mechanism to be used by consumers in the event of an infringement of consumer protection legislation, no legislative proposals are as yet forthcoming.
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