Factsheet over het advies 

Uitbanning van langdurige werkloosheid: het lokale en regionale perspectief

Opinion Number: CDR 5490/2022
Rapporteur: POLET Yonnec
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 25/05/2023
Reopen the debate on measures to effectively address long-term unemployment and the contribution of local and regional authorities.
Address policy options, also through exploring the potential of the "Zero long-term Unemployment Zones", building on employability and job creation, with the conviction that redirecting the collective costs of unemployment towards job creation can boost the economy and local labour market.
Aims to address the lack of an EU initiative on the topic, since the Council Recommendation in 2016.
Looks for optimum ways to fund (including EU funding) and coordinate zero long-term unemployment projects in the regions and cities of the Member States.
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