Opinion Factsheet  

Duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen: een basis voor een langetermijnstrategie van de EU voor een duurzaam Europa tegen 2030

Opinion Number: CDR 239/2019
Group: EPP (European People's Party)
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 26/06/2019



CoR participates to Romanian Presidency conference on SDGs and partnerships

On 16 April, the CoR First Vice-President Markku Markkula and SDGs rapporteur Arnoldas Abramavicius participated in the Romanian presidency conference "Agenda 2030 Partnerships for Sustainable Development". They highlightd the engagement of cities and regions in SDGs as well as their expertise, good practices and feedback notably on fostering partnerships and an inclusive approach for SDGs implementation.

16 Apr

CoR-Eurocities-CEMR conference "Regions and cities making SDGs happen"

On 11 April, CoR, Eurocities and CEMR joined forces and co-organised a conference on the localisation of Sustainable Development Goals.
CoR president Karl-Heinz Lambertz opened the conference recalling that 65% of SDGs could not be achievd without the involvement of local and regional authorities. Besides discussing the ongoing development at EU level, good practices and methodologies were presented by SDGs champions and associations such as the winner of the EU sustainability award, minister Camila Gunell from the Aland Islands, Finland.

11 Apr

CoR and OECD presents results of survey on local and regional action on SDGs

During a conference co-organised between the CoR, Eurocities and CEMR, the CoR and OECD presented for the first time the results of their survey mapping local and regional action on SDGs in the EU and OECD countries.
More than 400 replies were analysed: results clearly show the engagement of regions and cities in localising SDGs and identified obstacles as well as possible EU support to overcome these.

11 Apr

General Affairs Council adopts Council Conclusions on a Sustainable Europe by 2030

The Council adopted a set of conclusions concerning the implementation by the EU of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. The conclusions insists that implementation requires a cross-sectoral approach and recognise the key role of the EU multi-stakeholders platform on SDGs as well as the role of local and regional authorities.
The Council also repeated its earlier call for the Commission to draw up a comprehensive strategy for implementing the 2030 Agenda.
These conclusions are in line with the CoR positions as listed in the draft opinion on SDGs (ongoing opinion on SDGs as a whole, rapporteur Arnoldas Abramavicius) resulting from rgular exchanges with the Romanian presidency of the EU.

09 Apr

CoR participates to EPSC high-level conference - Sustainable Europe 2030 from goals to delivery

On 8 April, the European Political Strategy Centre - the European Commission think-tank - organised a conference on SDGs. European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans and Vice President Katainen opened the conference and paid tribute to the members of the EU multi-stakeholders platform for their work as well as recalled the key role of local and regional authorities to implement SDGs. A video showcased the members of the platform, notably rapporteur Arnoldas Abramavicius representing the CoR in the platform.The conference was also the occassion to award the EU Sustainability prize for the first time. It went to Aland Islands region in Finland, a member of the CoR.

08 Apr

CoR participates to breakfast organised by First vice president Timmermans and vice president Katainen on the future of the Multi-stakeholder platform on SDGs

On 8 April, ahead of the EPSC high-level conference on SDGs, European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans and Vice President Jyrki Katainen gathered the members of the EU multi-stakeholder pltform on SDGs to discuss the Reflection Paper on SDGs as well as the future of the platform. Members insisted that this unique exercise of inclusive governance should be strengthened and that a future mandate should be agreed as soon as possible. Commissioners, while remaining cautious due to the uncertainty of future elections results, agreed that the mandate of the platform runs until the end of the year and that work should resume as soon as possible: A management committee meeting will be organised by July to evaluate the platform as well as a platform meeting in September to discuss future tasks.
SDGs rapporteur Arnoldas Abramavicius as member of the platform participated in the breakfast meeting: he praised the work achieved by the platform as well as the reflection paper and handed to the Commissioners the key results of the CoR-OECD survey on local and regional action on SDGs

08 Apr

CoR rapporteur on SDGs participates to ENVE debate on environment, energy and climate

Arnoldas Abramavicius will participate to the CoR ENVE Commission exchange of views on the Opinion: Sustainable Europe by 2030, follow-up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: ecological transition and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It will be the occasion to gather feedback on the environmental dimension of SDGs and integrated it in a holistic opinion dealing with all dimensions of SDGs and policy coherence.

04 Apr

Rapporteur Abramavicius participates to SEDEC debate on SDGs, social policies and innovation

Arnoldas Abramavicius, CoR rapporteur on SDGs, will participated to the debate on SDGs organised by the CoR Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture. The discussion will feed in the SDGs opinion which will showcase the added-value of a territorial approach for the implementation of SDGs and insists on the universal and holistic nature of SDGs with social, economic, environmental, governance and external dimensions.

02 Apr

CoR at the Council to elaborate on a territorial approach for SDGs

Olga Zrihen, CoR chair of the Commission for Economic Policy and Vice-president of the Belgian Senate, is invited to speak during a meeting of the Council Working Party on the 2030 strategy.
She will highlight the key role of the CoR in the EU multi-stakeholders platform on SDGs, and call the Council to requests an ambitious implementation of the SDGs within the EU as well as to give the European Commission a strong mandate to elaborate an EU strategy for a sustainable Europe by 2030.

27 Mar

European Parliament adopts report on SDGs and request multi-level governance

The European Parliament adopted its Annual strategic report on the implementation and delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with several references suggested by the CoR, notably on the need for a multi-level governance for SDGs and on the continuation of the EU High-level multi-stakeholders platform on SDGs, which has proven to be an excellent exercise of EU open governance.

14 Mar

CoR rapporteur on SDGs meets stakeholders

More than 100 local and regional stakeholders participated to the stakeholders consultation on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reacting to the EU Reflection Paper Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030. The rapporteur first presented his first reactions to the Paper, while Helena Braun, member of the EC First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, presented the paper and explained how and why it was elaborated.

05 Mar

CoR-OECD survey mapping local and regional action on SDGs closes

The OECD and the CoR joined forces to launch a survey on local and regional action on SDGs. The results of the survey will feed into the CoR opinion reacting to the Reflection Paper as well as in the OECD pilot project assisting regions and cities in localising SDGs. With the support of CEMR, Eurocities, ICLEI and nrg4sd, the survey received more than 400 replies. The CoR and the OECD are currently analysing the results which will be presented during the event "Regions and cities making SDGs happen" on 11 February at the CoR.

01 Mar

CoR participates in EESC public hearing in view of opinion

CoR 1st Vice-President Markku Markkula gave the views of cities and regions during the EESC public hearing on the EU Reflection Paper on a sustainable Europe by 2030. He highlighted the work of CoR rapporteur Abramavicius on the need for an EU overarching strategies as well as the importance to insist on an open, multi-level, multi-stakeholders governance for SDGs.

27 Feb

European Parliament committees requests multi-level governance and an ambitious SDGs strategy

The European Parliament DEVE/ENVI committees adopted the draft annual report on the implementation of SDGs in the EU. In addition to requested an ambitious strategy on SDGs replacing the current Europe 2020 strategy it adopted several amendments suggested by the CoR on the need for a multi-level governance on SDGs.

27 Feb

CoR participates in High-level conference on SDGs organised by Spain

Luc Van Den Brande, CoR member, participated to the Spanish Government high-level event: localising the Sustainable Development Goals - Accelerating and supporting the implementation of the SDGs at local level, which saw the launch of the Sevilla Commitment, the clear engagement of Spain, regions and cities to implement SDGs on the ground.

25 Feb

CoR ECON commission exchange of views with EC Director on SDGs

On 14 February, the CoR ECON Commission had its exchange of views on the Opinion on SDGs. Rapporteur Arnoldas Abramavicius and John Watson, Director at the European Commission Secretariat General presented the Reflection Paper. Members from each CoR Commissions were invited to give their input according to their remits (social policies, environment, bioeconomy, external affaires, cohesion policy, urban policy, transport...) for the CoR opinion to reflect the holistic and comprehensive nature of SDGs.

14 Feb

CoR 1st Vice President participates to EESC debate on a Sustainable Europe by 2030

On 12 February, the EESC Sustainable Development Observatory held a debate on the EU Reflection Paper on Sustainable Europe by 2030. It looked at several national strategies and processes involving civil society actors. It also look at the role of regions and cities in the implementation of SDGs. CoR 1st Vice President Markku Markkula exchanged with Florentine Hopmeier, member of the EC Vice-President Katainen cabinet, and László Borbély, State Councillor on Sustainable Development to the Romanian Prime Minister and Csilla Lörincz, Head of Office, Department of Sustainable Development, Government of Romania.

12 Feb

President Lambertz talks SDGs at annual meeting of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences

CoR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz, participated to the IIAS Governance Week" and talked about "Multi-level governance in the context of the SDGs". The President underlined the multi-faceted challenges public administration have to face today and elaborated on his vision of a multi-level, open and transparent SDGs governance to face these challenges.

31 Jan