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AC_Het statuut en de financiering van Europese politieke partijen en Europese politieke stichtingen

Opinion Number: CDR 2244/2012
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 31/01/2013
Contribute to the shaping of the legislative proposal that bears the potential to raise the visibility of the European affiliation of its members at the local and regional level;
Reiterate the CoR's commitment to promoting EU citizenship;
Welcome the proposal as a means to facilitate transnational public debates across Europe and the emergence of a European public sphere. The proposal can also contribute to increasing citizens' interest and voter turnout in European elections and to reinforcing the democratic legitimacy of the European Union;
Ask for an involvement of the CoR in the procedure verifying that a European political party or foundation still observes the values on which the EU is founded. The CoR should be involved at least in those cases where the party in question is represented in the CoR.
One of the opinions elaborated in the course of 2013 and seen in the context of the CoR contribution to the 2013 as the European Year of Citizens. Along with the other opinions elaborated as part of the same work-stream (see immediately above and below) this opinion succeeded in raising awareness about the role of local and regional authorities in safeguarding and strengthening the rights of EU citizens.
The opinion contains a few amendments that the CoR suggested tabling to the European Parliament AFCO committee's report voted on 15 April 2013. One of the compromise amendments adopted in AFCO is partly in line with the proposed CoR amendment which suggested that support from European political parties and European political foundations to campaigns relating to European citizens' initiatives shall not be affected by the prohibition on funding. The compromise reached in AFCO was to allow the use of funding in the case of European political parties "when the subject of the referendum in question is Union legislation, the functioning of a Union institution or the ratification of changes to treaties related to the European Union". The final European Parliament's report has not yet been voted by the plenary assembly.

The European Commission's follow-up report on the CoR opinions states:
In its resolution of 6 April 2011 (report by Ms Giannakou), Parliament considered that members sitting in regional parliaments or assemblies should be taken into account only if the Parliament or the assembly in question was endowed with legislative powers. The Commission did not wish to follow this limitative approach. It nevertheless considered it appropriate to clarify the definition of a "regional parliament" or a "regional assembly" based on Article 300 TFEU.

- is convinced that this proposal can help make it easier for debates to take place at European and transnational level, and can help European-level public opinion to emerge;

- agrees that obtaining European legal status should be subject to compliance with high standards of governance, accountability and transparency;

- supports the fact that representation at the level of regional parliaments is taken into account in the regulation alongside the European and national levels at the point when political parties and the foundations affiliated to them apply to the European Parliament for registration as European political parties or foundations;

- calls on the Council and the European Parliament to involve the CoR in this process of verifying compliance with the fundamental values of the EU;

- considers the proposed allocation of EU funding to be acceptable, but proposes that the distribution also take into account the number of representatives in the CoR;

- recommends that it should be allowed for European funds to be used for referendum campaigns or popular initiatives at European level.



Inter-institutional follow up (EP)

Vote on Draft Report Mr Andrew Duff - Presentation in EP Plenary Session

15 Apr


Committee report tabled for plenary session, 1st reading/single reading

23 Apr

Inter-institutional follow up (EP)


Draft report on improving the organisation of the elections to the European Parliament in 2014 (0000/2013(INI))

Committee on Constitutional Affairs

Rapporteur: Mr Andrew Duff

21 Apr

Adoption in EP Committee

EP vote in AFCO Committee (1st reading)

Voting on draft report by Ms Marietta Giannakou (EPP/GR)

14 Apr

Debate in EP Committee

The vote on the draft report was postponed and it will be voted on 15/04/2013 in Strasbourg at an extraordinary AFCO meeting.

The members of the Committee highlighted the need for a further and deeper discussion on several issues.Andrew Duff (ALDE, UK), Häfner Gerald (Greens/European Free Alliance, DE), Vital Moreira (S&D, PT) andRafal Trzaskowski (PPE, PL) drew major attention to the conditions for registration of a European political party. More specifically, Vital Moreira and alsoEnrique Guerrero Salom (S&D, SP) put emphasis on article 3 (c) and they argued that it is important to be clearly mentioned the values that the parties and foundations should respect, such as human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, etc.

18 Mar

Debate in EP Committee

Rafal Trzaskowski outlined also the concerns regarding the Committee of independent eminent persons while he pointed out the problematic issues on the judicial control. Finally, Helmut Scholz (GUE/NGL, DE) stressed the issue of gender equality in the internal bodies of the European political parties and foundations.

All the members agreed on need for finding compromises and convincing solutions to crucial points of the draft report.

18 Mar

EP extraordinary meeting in SXB


Point 3:

  • Voting on draft report by Ms. Marietta Giannakou (EPP/GR

  • Examen des amendements de compromis

  • Adoption du projet de rapport

  • Adoption du projet de décision concernant l'ouverture des négotiations interinstitutionnelles sur les partis politiques européens (article 70)

VOTE on draft report is POSTPONED - Video

13 Mar

EP Report

"Preparing for the 2014 European elections: further enhancing their democratic and efficient conduct"

11 Mar

EP Committee Hearing

Hearing of CoR Rapporteur István Sértö-Radics on Opinion during the EP Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) meeting

17 Feb

Inter-institutional follow up (EESC)

Proposal of the European Economic and Social Committee for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations

12 Feb

Presentation of the PAC at the Plenary Session of the CoR

Presentation and adoption of the Complete Opinion (AC)

Record of the proceedings and draft opinion.

  • Speech of Rapporteur István Sértö-Radics (HU/ALDE)

  • Speech of MEP Marietta Giannakou

30 Jan

Inter-institutional consultation (EP)


Bilateral exchange with EP ALDE shadow rapporteur, Mr Stanimir Ilchev

04 Dec

First discussion within EP Committee

Discussion and adoption of Complete Opinion Project (PAC)

03 Dec

Presentation of an Opinion Project (PA)

Presentation of draft report to the EP Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO)

27 Nov

Network consultation


Deadline for Subsidiarity control

15 Nov

Stakeholder consultation by the Rapporteur, Mr István Sértö-Radics


including meeting with European political parties and foundations

06 Nov

Inter-institutional consultation (EP)

Bilateral exchange with EP rapporteur Ms Marietta Giannakou

06 Nov

Inter-institutional consultation (EC)

First exchange of views with Commissioner Sefcovic

07 Oct

Request to the CoR to draft an Opinion

Determination of EP Referral deadline: 22/01/2013

30 Sep

Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament (EP) and of the Council

on the statute and funcing of the European political parties and European politcal foundations (COM(2012) 499)

11 Sep
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