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Een blauwdruk om de wereldwijde klimaatverandering na 2020 tegen te gaan

Opinion Number: CDR 1535/2015
Rapporteur: JAEGER Annabelle
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 14/10/2015
Give strong support to the EC position for the EU delegation to speak with a strong united voice at the international negotiations
Detail the vision of the CoR on what should be a global climate governance based on multi-level governance principle
Reiterate its belief that the EU can pledge more ambitious objectives (and other Parties too)
Highlight the untapped potential for mitigation within cities and regions
The Opinion requested a better integration of cities and regions within the UNFCCC process and the global climate governance. It recommended a COP Decision to follow for instance the model of the Convention of Biological Diversity which adopted a plan for cities and regions on biodiversity. While there is no such plan within the UNFCCC, the COP21 allowed major progress in a better institutionalisation of relations between Parties and non-Parties stakeholders.

The Paris agreement recognised the important role non-Party stakeholders play in addressing climate change, including cities and subnational authorities. It welcomed the continued efforts of non-Party stakeholders to address climate change, and the role of cities and regions in adaptation and accelerated efforts even before the Paris agreement is scheduled to enter into force in 2020.
Further, the Paris outcome invites for continued dialogue between Parties and non-Party stakeholders, both at technical and political level, to explore options for enhanced action on mitigation and adaptation prior to 2020. Regular high level events and the creation of the position of high-level climate champions to be the bridge between Parties and non-Parties helps to create a space for engagement and expression from non-state actors. It also sets the stage for announcing new voluntary initiatives and reviewing progress with existing ones.

In this respect the EU delegation - the European Commission and the EU Presidency - have promoted the vision of an inclusive and transparent governance on climate, with a territorial approach. The EU delegation also stressed its support for cities and regions on climate by enhancing the capacities and visibility of the Covenant of Mayors, making it global, showcasing it as an essential EU best practice.

Following the COP21, the European Commission shortly issued a communication "The Road from Paris" which clearly stated its commitment to multi-level governance at EU and international level as well as a new focus on cities to implement climate action on the ground.

 strongly supports the European Union (EU) playing its full role as leader in international negotiations;

 calls for a new model of global climate governance based on the principles of multi-level governance, which fully recognises the action of non-state actors and which would allow each level of government to maximise its climate action. This includes a CoP decision establishing a cities and regions work programme on climate action;

 calls on the EU to actively support a global target of zero carbon in 2050 and to go further in the commitments it gave on the INDCs, by agreeing on a reduction of at least 50% of greenhouse gases in Europe compared to 1990 levels;

 calls on the EU and non-EU developed countries to set out a financial package before COP21, in order to honour their pledge to raise their fair share of the commitment of USD 100 billion per year by 2020;

 supports the expansion of the Covenant of Mayors at global level;

 calls on the cities and regions of Europe to continue and extend their commitment to measurable targets on reducing greenhouse gases.



Rapporteur's activities

Covenant of Mayors office member/CoR: The Covenant of Mayors World Tour, EU Pavillion. Side event of the COP21.

07 Dec

CoR Plenary Session

The CoR plans to adopt the opinion during its plenary session.Commissioner Canete has confirmed his presence for a debate.EP Rapporteur to be invited

12 Oct

CoR Commission activity

The ENVE commission plans to adopt the opinion.Deputy head of Unit from DG CLIMA, Yrjo Makela, participate to the debate with the rapporteur and ENVE members beforehand.

28 Jun

CoR Commission activity

The ENVE commission plans to exchange ideas on the opinion

03 May

Rapporteur's activities

Conference co-organised with the Association des Régions de France (ARF) and the Network of regional government for sustainable development (nrg4SD): Conference on the COP21, acting as on exchange of views with ENVE members and consultation of stakeholders. UNFCCC Chief of Staff, Daniele Violetti, European Commission Director Arthur Runge-Metzger, EU Luxembourgish presidency representative Henri Kox, French Presidency of the COP Marie Hélène Aubert were among the speakers.

03 May

Rapporteur's activities

The ENVE commission has appointed Ms Annabelle Jaeger (FR/PES) as the rapporteur for the opinion "The Paris Protocol – A blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020"

02 Mar
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