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Sardinia reflects on Europe and climate change  

As European elections are just a year away, Reflecting on Europe, the Committee’s campaign to collect citizen’s concerns and expectations about Europe has landed in Cagliari for a citizen’s dialogue focused on ‘actions and tools to mitigate climate change’.

The Region of Sardinia organised today a citizen’s dialogue in Cagliari with climate change and the future of Europe as key topics.

The event started with a presentation of the results of the ‘ Reflecting on Europe’ survey in Italy. The areas Italian citizens are most concerned about are unemployment (31%), mobility and public transport (19%), youth policies (18%), integration of migrants (13%) and security and terrorism (8%).

The integration of migrants is the area in which Italian citizens perceive that the EU is bringing a higher added value (58%), followed by security and the fight against terrorism (39%) and the protection of the environment (38%).

By a large 75%, Italian citizens believe that mobility policies and public transport are better managed at the city and regional level. Unemployment is more efficiency managed at the national level according to 52% of the obtained results.

On the overall level of trust, the European Union comes first with 36% followed by the Italian national government (28%), the city (20%) and the region (15%). Around 17 000 citizens have taken part in the Reflecting in Europe online survey across the EU.

In his opening speech, Francesco Pigliaru (IT/PES), President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia recalled the efforts of the European Committee of the Regions to facilitate climate action at the local level. “While much progress is being made in our island and in other regions in Europe, it is urgent to develop innovative financing tools able to respond to the climate challenges we face”, said Pigliaru. The former Chair of the ENVE commission referred to the network of 650 charging points for electric vehicles being developed in Sardinia and the new production of renewable energy feeding the university sites of Cagliari and Sasseri. President Pigliaru is the rapporteur of the CoR opinion on the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Marco Dus (IT/PES) , Member of the Vittorio Veneto Municipal Council in the Province of Treviso sumarised the key points of his two opinions on climate. On the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) , Dus recalled the CoR’s pledge that at least 20% of emissions trading auction revenues should be directly managed by local and regional authorities. On climate finance , a new manual gathering all existing financial instruments should be developed as to facilitate local governments’ access to climate adaptation and mitigation finance.

Several representatives of local associations shared their concerns on specific aspects such as water access and the gas distribution project being developed in Sardinia.

The Cagliari citizen’s dialogue has taken place in the ‘Ex Manifattura Tabacchi’, an ancient convent build in the eighteen-century which later became a tobacco factory. It is now a refurbished space for the organisation of cultural, scientific and entrepreneurial activities as well as citizen’s dialogues on important issues such as the future of Europe and climate change.

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