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Ripensare l'Europa, Citizens' Dialogue in Italy  

The conference is an open event, involving 400 students from all high schools in Vittorio Veneto (Italy). It was founded in 2015 by the institutions, high schools and students with the theme: "The new Europe. I dreamed a dream: my / our Europe."
The event is organised on 9 May upon the initiative of Marco Dus (IT/PES), member of the European Committee of the Regions, in cooperation with the Pieve de Soligo town.

The Citizens' Debate will be opened by the recital "Europe: What a passion, story of a torment love" performed by the CesEU - Centre for studies, education, communication and project on EU and global governance - University Sant' Anna, Pisa.

It aims to encourage the debate among high school students about "rethinking Europe".
The following themes will be explored:
a) the European identity and emigration;
b) the opportunities for European students;
c) the European citizenship skills;
d) language and borders;
e) economy and currency in Europe.

Organizer: Municipality of Pieve di Soligo - Mayor Stefano Soldan
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