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Young Leaders of Europe Conference  
On the 21st, EU40 - the Network of Young MEPs & MEPs Stelios Kympouropoulos (Greece, EPP), Kira Marie Peter-Hansen (Denmark, Greens/EFA), Marie-Pierre Vedrenne (France, RE), and Alessandra Moretti (Italy, S&D), will host a conference of young elected politicians from all across the European Union. The initiative, which falls under the high patronage of the European Parliament and the European Committee of the Regions, is also supported by the CoR Young Elected Politicians Programme and the European Local Leaders Group.

In light of the European Year of Youth, it is pivotal to give a voice to those who concretely contribute to a real change in European politics. Taking place in Brussels, the conference will seek to give young elected officials a voice, as well as an opportunity to meet their respective European counterparts, to share their ideas and experiences of the local, national, and EU dimensions. More than 70 young elected officials from all over Europe will gather in Brussels to debate and discuss how to serve Europe and its citizens.

The conference will be livestreamed from the CoR via this link​​.

Contact Person: Thomas Kaye
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