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Public Discussion: from Trbovlje to Europe and back – with the help of education and culture  

​​This local event intends to discuss culture and education  in the Municipality of Trbovlje. The event is organized by the Municipality of Trbovlje, Knjižnica Toneta Seliškarja Trbovlje (Tone Seliškar Library Trbovlje), Zavod za kulturo Delavski dom Trbovlje (The Institute for Culture Delavski dom Trbovlje) and Zavod za mladino in šport Trbovlje (The Institute for Youth and Sports Trbovlje) in partnership with the European Committee of the Regions. The representatives of local institutions from the fields of education and culture will lead the dialogue with Jasna Gabrič, member of the Committee of the Regions, Tanja Fajon MEP and the local community about the current situation in the disclosed areas, the opportunities they perceive, and the help they may need from the European Union. 

Those interested in attending the conversation can do so by engaging on Zoom, and join the conversation with their personal opinions and suggestions. The conversation will be broadcasted live in its entirety via the organizers' websites. All ideas and proposals will be submitted to the Conference on the Future of Europe and used in further planning of the development of the fields of culture and education in the Municipality of Trbovlje.​ 

The event can be followed live in Slovenian via the following link:

Meeting ID: 959 3100 9807
Passcode: 512738​

Contact Person: Katra Hribar Frol
Delen :