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Social Responsibility from a Gender Perspective  

​​The Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, Virginio Merola, the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, and the European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, discussed practicable positive action for fostering equal opportunities between women and men and exchanged gender mainstreaming good practices and aspirations.

This event, organised by the Metropolitan City of Bologna with the support of the European Committee of the Regions, provided a space for dialogue about gender disparaities between representatives of institutions, universities, businesses, schools and citizen associations.

The "local dialogue" saw experts from the academic and institutional world provide an overview of the actions and measures being adopted at European and national levels to address the developments and changes currently affecting the world of work – especially for women in the workplace – which the pandemic has made even more fragile and vulnerable. 

By examining studies and research undertaken in various disciplinary fields, such as those presented by speakers at the event, a holistic view of the current situation can be formed and work can be done to introduce measures that improve areas where gender inequalities and stereotypes still need to be tackled. In showcasing these best practices, the aim is to spur on other public and private bodies wishing to cooperate to strengthen their systems and to contribute to a common strategy of social responsibility from a gender perspective.

The event was in Italian only with no interpretation. ​It was streamed from the Metropolitan City of Bologna's Facebook page​ and live on EBS+​. ​​​A full report about the event can be found here: Bologna local dialogue event - final report.pdf. An audio-visual recording of the event can be viewed here​.​

Contact Person: Martin Gosset
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