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Liberec Youth Talk on the future of cross-border cooperation  

​​​​​​​​​​​The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is organising local debates in regions and cities all over Europe, with the aim to involve citizens in the debate on the future of Europe. The outcome from these debates will feed the contribution of the CoR into the Conference on the future of Europe. 

One of the important themes of the future of Europe is cross-border cooperation. The CoR has adopted a declaration on this topic in which it puts forward its recommendations. 

Young people (students from Czechia and Poland) had a chance to voice their views both in general as well as concretely towards the Euroregion in which they live. They were able to contribute to the strategy of the Euroregion. Also the effect of the COVID crisis on the cross-border cooperation was discussed and the lessons for the future were identified.

The debate was conducted by

  • Pavel Branda, Ph.D., CoR Member, Deputy Mayor of Rádlo municipality and Vice-Preseident of the Association of European Bordel Regions
  • Hynek Böhm, Ph.D., ​expert on cross-border cooperation, Geography Department, Technical University of Liberec

The event took place at the Technical University of Liberec, Komenského 2, Room P100.



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