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Stakeholder consultation on the CoR opinion on Fostering the potential and synergies of EU Green Deal initiatives for regions and cities  

​​​​​ Cities and regions are considered as key implementation grounds for many EU policies, such as the EU Green Deal roadmap and objectives. At the same time, the EU's upgraded climate and energy objectives and the current energy crisis caused by the instable geopolitical situation have changed the context in which local and regional authorities operate. More than ever, the local implementation of the energy and climate transition needs to be accelerated and EU initiatives supporting local and regional governments are gaining more importance.

The various existing EU initiatives providing support to local and regional authorities vary from sector-specific initiatives, to initiatives providing a more overarching framework either supported by a strong political commitment or more oriented towards providing supporting mechanisms.

CoR members, alongside many other local and regional authorities, have expressed the need to shed light on what these different initiatives can do and how a local authority can benefit from them in a coordinated way. To tackle this issue the CoR has launched the opinion "Fostering the potential and synergies of EU Green Deal initiatives for regions and cities", led by rapporteur Andries GRYFFROY (BE/EA), Member of the Flemish Parliament and Member of the Commission for the Environment, Climate change and Energy (ENVE) of the CoR.

With this event the rapporteur invites representatives of EU local and regional authorities, as well as of their networks, to reflect on whether the existing EU initiatives sufficiently reach all local governments in an inclusive manner. The opinion will contribute to the ongoing reflection on how these initiatives are supporting implementation of the EU Green Deal on the ground and what improvements can be suggested to ensure cities and regions can make the most out of them.

The rapporteur strives for the highest possible quality input and widest range of different views for his opinion and we believe your expertise can contribute to achieving this objective. In case you cannot participate in the meeting, you can share your views in a position paper related to the topic, and send it before the meeting to

The rapporteur has prepared a working document that will be discussed in the ENVE meeting on 14 February 2023. Final discussion and approval of the opinion is foreseen for the ENVE meeting on 10 May and plenary session of 5-6 July 2023. This stakeholder consultation will provide useful information for the rapporteur to help him in the preparation of the draft opinion.

Please register via this link.

You can participate in the meeting via this link. 

You will be able to watch the session below.​

Organizer: ENVE secretariat
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