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ARLEM Award 2021 - Young local entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean  

At the occasion of the 12th ARLEM Plenary, the winner of the ARLEM Award 2021 edition was announced. The winner of the 2021 edition is Erilda Krasi.

Ms. Erilda Krasi is running the tourism company 1001 Albanian adventures in Berat (Albania). The evaluation committee, which includes organisations actively engaged in promoting an entrepreneurial environment in the Mediterranean region, praised the work of 1001 Albanian Adventures as an example of sustainable and responsible tourism that is helping to regenerate the local economic fabric and urban environment.

Ms. Erilda Krasi will be awarded a prize in the framework of EU funded Tourism-Led Model for Local Economic Development Support Programme currently implemented by EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) in Albania.

This programme will implement a tourism-led local development model focused on a number of pilots of cultural and natural heritage, and other local destinations' assets. The action will improve sustainable and responsible tourism, thus regenerating local economic fabric and urban environment. Berat, where Ms. Krasi's company is located, is one of the 4 pilot locations.​

The other four finalists of this edition were:

Blue Filter in Palestine, an enterprise specialised in Natural filters for waste water treatment (desalination) working on the Gaza Strip with the support of the National Institute for Environment and Development (NIED). The institute is concerned and interested with environmental, water and green entrepreneurship fields, and provides training, consultations and supervisions related to the development of these fields.

A specialized agricultural cooperative, Golden Africa, in Morocco that produces and sells argan oil and the products, cosmetic or for food, that can be produced from it. The cooperative employs 5 workers directly, all women. But it has 22 other subcontractor producers and help them with the expertise and purchase of all their products. The project was promoted by educated young generation of the area to empower the women of the rural areas. It has the support of the local antenna of the Moroccan Office of Development of Cooperatives (Co-Op) (Office de Développement de la Coopération (ODCO))

Second Life in Algeria  whose activity is very wide, from production and distribution of water to waste management and depollution efforts. The company Second Life tries to create a culture of less waste and prolonging the life of products to reduce the number of waste arriving to the dumps. It received support from ANSEJ through help on the acquisition of materials and the disposal of premises for the dumping and waste management ground. ANSEJ is a national agency for youth employment which supports young entrepreneurs at local level.

Solec in Algeria, a solar-panel company which works in the implementation of photovoltaic panels in its region and the production of LED street lights for conventional and photovoltaic public lighting. Solec has also been supported by ANSEJ.

The edition 2022 will be launched by the end of June, please tune in to (#ARLEMaward).

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