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The future of cross-border cooperation and border regions in Europe  
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Citizens living in border regions continue to encounter difficulties in their daily lives, be it finding a job, accessing healthcare, everyday commuting or overcoming administrative problems.  Similarly, businesses face obstacles that hamper their growth and limit their potential. 

How could border regions face these challenges of citizens and local businesses? What is the role of border regions in the future of Europe? What is the joint vision of the long-term future of cross-border cooperations in the European Union?

We hope you could take part in the event initiated by Pavel Branda, Deputy Mayor of Rádlo Municipality​ and got your voice heard how the better provision of public services across borders would increase the quality of your life and express your views on how to make public services more efficient.

In case you missed the event, please review the recording (see link on the right hand navigation panel) and read the event report​.

Organizer: Nagy Adrienn
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