COR-AD14/5 BIS/21 - Director - Directorate for Members, Plenaries, Strategy  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR/AD14/5 BIS/21
Directorate: Directorate A, Members and Plenaries
Function Group: AD
Management: Yes
Deadline:23/04/2021 12:00
Job Title: Director (M/F)
Grade: AD14
Location: Brussels



The main tasks of the Director for Members, Plenaries, Strategy include the following:

  • contributing to the senior management team of the institution under the leadership and responsibility of the Secretary-General;
  • providing full assistance, within the framework of the Directorate's remits, to the work of all CoR statutory bodies: Presidency, Conference of Presidents, Plenary Assembly, Bureau and commissions;
  • ​planning, organising and coordinating activities carried out by the Directorate with a view to streamlining the activities of the institution, granting a smooth organisation of statutory and non-statutory meetings;
  • ​​providing optimal financial, logistical and technical services to the members through modern, digital tools facilitating the daily operations and ensuring their interoperability with other internal or inter-institutional systems;
  • ​monitoring major political and institutional developments, proposing strategic initiatives relating to the European political agenda and ensuring cross-cutting and coordinated strategic planning of the decisions and activities of the CoR;
  • establishing effective inter-institutional relations and coordinate with other Directorates to ensure the best possible impact of the CoR in the EU legislative process;
  • running the CoR documentation centre/library and organising the CoR foresight and research activities/studies in close cooperation with other Directorates, other institutions, think tanks, universities and other partners;
  • coordinating all protocol related aspects of official ceremonies and events and organise the institutional correspondence of the institution in close cooperation with other services and the cabinets of the President and the Secretary General;
  • ​maintaining optimum lines of communication with the CoR members, within the framework of the Directorate's remits and organise effective relations with the CoR's national delegations and European and national associations of local and regional authorities;
  • ​organising the work of the CoR High-Level Groups on "European Democracy" and with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities;
  • ensuring the quality of the work carried out within the Directorate;
  • ensuring internal communication within the Directorate and with the other Directorates and departments of the general secretariat;
  • ensuring sound management of the Directorate's financial and human resources by maximizing the impact of the institution for its main priorities;
  • ​carrying out the responsibilities of authorising officer by sub delegation within the established limits.

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