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Opinion Number: CDR 7/2016
Rapporteur: LANDERGREN Ulrika
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 12/10/2016

- draws attention to the fact that the local and regional authorities have a crucial role to play in the development of airports and of aviation, by virtue of their responsibility for the population's quality of life, environmental conditions, and the spatial and physical planning involved;

- supports the proposal to develop strategic planning for the management of airport capacity at EU level in a situation where there are shortages at a number of large airports, while at the same time a large number of airports are underused;

- notes that the conditions for a region's development largely depend on the quality of its connectivity. From the regional perspective, good connectivity is the primary benefit that the aviation sector is expected to deliver;

- regrets the fact that the Commission has not highlighted the role of regional airports and their importance for aviation development in the strategy. The balanced approach which the Commission intends to adopt under the Guidelines on State aid to airports and airlines (OJ C 99, 4.4.2014, p. 3) should take account of the need for regional development and connectivity for all Europe's regions, especially sparsely populated, peripheral and outermost regions, where there is an obvious risk of regional needs not being met by the market;

- sees great potential for the use of drones at local and regional level, not least in more sparsely populated parts of Europe, and it supports the ambition of putting Europe in a leading position in the development of drone technology and use. The Committee of the Regions would like to see basic risk-based, harmonised regulation of all drone use at EU level, in line with the principle of subsidiarity, and it underlines the need for dialogue between EASA and relevant players at national, regional and local level within the Member States.



Stakeholder Consultatiion on Aviation Strategy

The Rapporteur of the CoR opinion on Aviation Strategy, Ulrika Landergren, together with his expert Hans Brattström met on 29 April in the Committee of the Regions more than 20 representatives of the stakeholders for the debate on the EU Aviation Strategy. Presented were high level representatives of industry associations, NGOs , the staff of European parliament and European Commission as well as representatives of few regions and cities.

29 Apr

Meeting with EESC Rapporteur for the Aviation Strategy

On 26 April Rapporteur Landergren exchanged the views with Mr Jacek Krawczyk, the European Economic and Social Committee Rapporteur for the Aviation Strategy. Ms Landergren also participated in the EESC public Hearing "Delivering the EU Aviation Strategy-getting stakeholders on board".

26 Apr

Question by Rapporteur Ulrika Landergren to Commissioner Corina Cretu

Question by Rapporteur Ulrika Landergren to Commissioner Corina Cretu at the CoR February 2016 Plenary Session on importance of air traffic for regional development and on potential of drones for economic development, in particular in remote regions. Answer by Commissioner Cretu: • Sustainable transport is a priority in Regional Policy • Some regional airports were not sustainable. EU Court of Auditors has criticised this in previous programming period. • ESIF funds are also being used for airports, e.g. the airport in Dubrovnik • Connectivity is very important, especially connectivity between regions in Eastern Europe • Without connectivity, there can be no economic development • Commissioners Cretu and Bulc work a lot together on this, Cretu offers that they come together to present what they are doing together in the field of (air) transport and regional policy.

11 Feb
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