Skeda informattiva dwar l-Opinjoni 


Opinion Number: CDR 7/2011
Rapporteur: LEBRUN Michel
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 01/07/2011
To call for greater involvement of local and regional authorities in the framing of the TEN-E guidelines and funding rules in order to ensure respect of local and regional development interests and competences.

Moreover, to stress vis-a-vis the other institutions and other levels of governance that, in terms of Economic and Social Cohesion, the energy networks designed to secure and diversify energy sources should enhance economic and social cohesion by providing authorities, companies and households at the local and regional level, access to a wider choice and a higher-quality of services at more competitive prices, as a result of the diversification of energy supply sources.

- requires that any initiative adopted at European level concerning infrastructure must take account of how these questions are managed at regional and local level;

- stresses that the role and needs of local and regional authorities must be taken into account during the examination of any project to develop energy infrastructure, ensuring careful evaluation of the costs/benefits that implementation of such projects might generate at local, regional or even macro-regional level;

- considers that the evaluation of energy infrastructure projects should measure the impact of these projects on energy security, the environment and landscapes, as well as on socio-economic development;

- strongly supports the priority given by the European Commission to developing technologies linked to the creation of smart networks. Such networks will prove to be crucial in ensuring that the energy market operates smoothly by facilitating more effective and efficient use of resources;

- is concerned for the fact that the European Commission is unable to propose a comprehensive and detailed plan for financing the programme to develop energy infrastructure;

- requires that the CoR be heard on such crucial matters as the budgeting of the energy infrastructure investment programme, planned financing methods and the levels of contribution which will fall on each of the stakeholders, especially local and regional authorities but also all consumers.
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