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Politika aktar responsabbli għall-kummerċ u l-investiment

Opinion Number: CDR 6626/2015
Rapporteur: RICHMOND Neale
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 08/04/2016
to increase transparency in trade negotiations,
to ensure the recognition of the need for regional parliament to be consulted on trade agreements before the finalization of these agreements,
to ensure a clear distinction of what trade agreements cover,
to make sure that trade agreements do not limit the right of regional and local authorities to regulate and decide how public services should be provided
to ensure that regional impact assessments are carried out before trade agreement are concluded. This is especially important as increased trade will affect different regions in different ways and as it is important for regions to prepare for these changes

The rapporteur has intervened in the INTA committee of the EP where he outlined the objectives of the opinion.
The rapporteur has also met with the European Commission, the Dutch presidency, the EP rapporteur and many important stakeholders.


- Stresses that local and regional authorities must at all times be able to organise the provision of services of general interest, independently of the way in which these services are provided and financed;

- Welcomes the Commission's commitment upon which every significant initiative in the field of trade policy will be subject to a sustainability impact assessment; reminds the importance of carrying ex post evaluations and highlights that impact assessments and evaluations including appropriate consultation of all stakeholders are crucial for the formulation of sound, transparent and evidence-based trade policies;

- Considers that the territorial dimension of the strategy should ensure that Local and Regional Authorities across EU will fairly benefit from growth and investment opportunities expected to be generated by Free Trade Agreements and trade agreements in general, as these agreements are described in the Communication. It should also be made clear what Free Trade Agreements might mean in relation to publicly funded activities at local level for safeguarding freedom of association and local self-government;

- Believes there is an identified need for regional and local elaboration and delivery of SME internationalisation programs involving local and regional stakeholders. This would also include identification of gaps in support to reduce the disparities and negative impacts that more open trade can bring to certain regions;

- Supports the Commission's ambition to ensure that the benefits of globalisation are fairly distributed and the negative impacts are mitigated and that modern trade agreements in levelling the playing field requires moving beyond just tariffs and putting emphasis on SMEs; agrees moreover with the Commission that trade policy can work only if Europe continues its focus on removing obstacles to the completion of the single market.



Namur Declaration

The minister-president for the Region of Wallonia, Paul Magnette, presented a series of proposals for a new method of negotiating free trade agreements between the EU and third countries.
Magnette's text, the Namur Declaration, is based around three key areas – the respect of democratic procedures; the respect of socio-economic, health and environmental legislation; the guarantee of the public interest when resolving disputes. The text was signed by around 40 eminent academics, including French economists Thomas Piketty and Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Belgian Philippe Maystadt (former EIB president), Hungarian Laszlo Andor (former European commissioner), and Canadians Georges Ross and Frédéric Mérand. The Namur Declaration is generally in line with what the CoR has requested in its opinions on trade.

05 Dec

Trade Policy Day

One year after the adoption of the Commissions new trade and investment strategy entitled "Trade for all", the aim of the EP Trade Policy Day is to analyse and discuss with high-level guests, stakeholders and the civil society the state of play of the Unions Common Commercial Policy and analyse the legitimacy of trade policy.

09 Nov

Vote in the EP's INTA Committee

Vote on the draft opinion. More than 400 amendments tabled.

16 Jun

European Parliament INTA committee

The rapporteur intervened when the New Trade Strategy was discussed in the responsible European Parliament committee.

15 Feb

Meeting with EP rapporteur

The rapporteur met with EP rapporteur Mrs Tiziana Beghin

27 Jan

Bilateral meetings

Meetings with DG Trade (Jean-Charles van Eeckhaute, HoU), CEPS (professor Pelkmans), BusinessEurope (Luisa Santos, director international affairs), UEAPME (Chiara Aprea, Advisor), Eurochambres (Dominic Boucsein, Trade Advisor, International Affairs), CEMR, and the Dutch presidency (Jerome Laroche).

14 Jan
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