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Opinion Number: CDR 3660/2018
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 09/10/2018
CoR contribution to the draft regulation
to defend the interests of local ans regional authorities in the legislative process and propose amendments in their favour
the Europeam Parliament took over completely the proposals of AM1 of the opinion as regards the overal budget of the EMFF
the proposals of the CoR on EMFF implementation in outermost regions are taken over in amendments 11 and 12 of the EP
further texts are taken overartially or in spirit and remain a subject of the trlogue discussions, susch as the updates and upgrades of ships, regional operational programmes and specific conditions for implementation

- considers that, because of the need to finance an emerging blue economy, maritime surveillance and numerous projects relating to protection of the marine environment, in addition to fisheries and aquaculture, the overall budget of the EMFF should have been increased to the minimum threshold of 1% of the post-2020 multi-annual financial framework, by adding a further 0.47% of funding for the integrated maritime policy to the 0.53% of appropriations currently allocated to fisheries and aquaculture.

- proposes that national operational programmes include an action plan or a regional operational programme for subnational authorities with competences in fisheries and maritime affairs. Such regional operational programmes, as a part of the national programming, will allow for smarter spending and create opportunities for regional specialisation strategies under the EMFF.

- approves of the increased use of simplified cost options, i.e. flat-rate reimbursement, standard scales of unit costs and flat rates designed to cut the red tape encumbering beneficiaries

- reiterates the position of the CoR that the EMFF should support the integrated maritime policy and growth of the blue economy through regional platforms for funding of innovative projects.

- proposes amendments that prevent loopholes allowing EMFF funding for parties that have committed infringements: The Committee takes the position that no parties should be funded under the EMFF if they have seriously infringed the provisions of Community environmental protection legislation.

- calls for single application form for measures under the EMFF: In order to lower the administrative burden on small-scale coastal fishers, action plans shall propose a simplified single application form for measures under the EMFF. Unlike fishing companies, small-scale fishers are mostly individuals, who do not have the administrative capacity to fill out complex application papers. A simplified single application form will greatly improve their chances of accessing funding.



Joint NAT-FARNET workshop on CLLD during the European Week of Cities and Regions: Community-led Local Development (CLLD): EU funding from the bottom-up

Organised jointly by the Committee of the Regions’ NAT Commission secretariat and the FARNET Support Unit, this workshop will give participants an introduction to Community-led Local Development (CLLD), currently funded under all four European Structural and Investment Funds.

10 Oct

CoR Opinion on EMFF proposal adopted in Plenary Session

The opinion on EMFF proposal was adopted during the 131 Plenary Session of the European Committee of the Regions.

09 Oct

Meeting with Euroepan Commission

CoR rapporteur Nathalie Sarrabezolles met with the team of European Commission's directorate for maritime affairs and fisheries responsible for the EMFF draft.

Among the topic discussed were previous opinions and their translation into the proposed legislative package 2021-2027

04 Jul

Meeting with EP: Gabriel Mato and Team

The CoR Rapporteur met with MEP MATO and his team for a discussion on the EMFF Proposal for a regulation published by the Ec on 12/06/2018

04 Jul
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