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Strateġija dwar il-Ġlieda kontra l-Antisemitiżmu u t-Trawwim tal-Ħajja Lhudija (2021-2030)

Opinion Number: CDR 247/2022
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 29/06/2022

- stresses that Jewish culture is an integral part of European culture, and that Jewish cultural heritage must be both protected and promoted in EU cities and regions in a way that drives Europeans to value and consider Jewish cultural heritage a vital part of Europe's culture and way of life. It must draw attention to the millennia of Jewish life traditions and to the countless important contributions made by people of Jewish belief or background to our shared society and culture. In this regard, believes that it is important to step up cooperation between regions and civil society;

- fully supports the notion that it should become standard practice for Member States and their authorities to use the definition of antisemitism provided by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to help them identify antisemitic patterns and various manifestations of antisemitism. Recognising an act as antisemitic and naming it as such creates trust in the authorities and the courts, and makes people more willing to report crimes motivated by antisemitism;

- welcomes the Commission's acknowledgment that Israel is a key partner for the European Union in the global fight against antisemitism. Furthermore, the Committee fully supports cooperation with the ad-hoc Working Group set up by the European Commission and with the European Parliament Working Group Against Antisemitism (WGAS);

- expresses the Committee's availability to contribute, where appropriate, to the work of the ad-hoc Working Group on combating antisemitism set up by the Commission, and its willingness to invite the Group's representatives to relevant Committee meetings;
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