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Take part in the public consultation for more responsible short-term rental services  

The ECON commission warmly encourages you to participate in the European Commission's ongoing public consultation on short-term accommodation rentals to get your voice heard.

The European Com​​​mission is working on an initiative to promote the responsible development of short-term accommodation rentals. The initiative will facilitate a balanced approach for cities, peer and professional short-term rental providers and platforms to tackle the concerns raised by the rapid growth of this business model as part of a balanced and sustainable tourism ecosystem.

You can share your views by contributing to the public consultation before 13 December or take part in the virtual workshops on 22 October and 9 November.

Short-term accommodation rentals have enriched the EU tourist offer and created many opportunities for domestic and international travellers, for SMEs and individuals as well as for various regions in the EU since they have helped shift demand from tourism hotspots to less well-known destinations.  At the same time, the rapid growth of short-term accommodation rentals has given rise to a number of concerns, with local communities worried about pressure on the affordable local housing market and the sustainable development of cities, and public authorities concerned with compliance with applicable rules, such as health and safety requirements.

CoR Members have highlighted the concerns by local and regional authorities regarding short-term accommodation rentals in the following opinions:

Opinion on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act by Rapporteur Rodi Kratsa (EL/EPP), adopted on 30/06/2021

Opinion on the Collaborative Economy by Rapporteur Peter Florianschütz (AT/PES), adopted on 5/12/2019

For more information, please visit the European Commission's collaborative economy webpage​.   

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