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YFactor 2021 Spring edition presents: Next Stop, a #EuropeanYearOfRail podcast  

​ The Spring trainees of 2021 are working on a Y-Factor project focused on the European Year of Rail (EYR). The trainees are producing a podcast series, Next Stop, exploring everything to do with the EYR. Next Stop plans on addressing pressing issues in the rail sector, advertise rail related initiatives and raising awareness on rail as a sustainable way of transport. Next Stop aims to being as inclusive as possible, inviting everyone from MEPs to YouTube bloggers and everyone in between, giving them the opportunity to share their experiences, while also providing helpful information on what is happening in the Rail sector today.

As Europe is pushing towards a greener and cleaner mobility with rail at the centre of their plans, Next Stop will take you across an 8-episodes journey throughout the world of rail and what it holds for the future of European mobility:

1. European Year of the Rail Launch

2. Discover EU

3. Trains as Climate friendly alternative

4. Transport exclusion and deterioration of the railway sector

5. Train Accessibility issues

6. Behaviour changes, charging system, and how to attract employees

7. European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation and the Connecting Europe Express

8. Future of the Rail

We hope this podcast can achieve its purpose over the coming weeks, by giving people an insight into the European Year of Rail and the rail sector. We look forward to having you all aboard for the Next Stop podcast!

To stay update with the episodes' release, have a look at the project's webpage !

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