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EP and CoR ECON Commission's Webinar on The New Industrial Strategy  
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The European Commission has announced an update of its New Industrial Strategy that was submitted on the 10th of March 2020 reflecting the 'demand' for a green industrial strategy where action extends well beyond Industrial Policy parameters and taking into account possible changes following the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, both the European Parliament and the European Committee of the Regions played active roles in setting out responses to the European Commission's New Industrial Strategy for Europe. The on-going effects of the health pandemic together with the EU's Green Deal and twin transition imperatives are placing new pressures on EU industry to confront a rapidly changing and complex operating environment.

This webinar brings together EU actors and experts from political, industrial and policy perspectives to provide updated insights and fresh momentum that can support EU industry to navigate this challenging landscape.

This 2-hours session will include discussions on:

  • Gaps and solutions in the industrial pathway to securing the EU's green and digital future.
  • Steps and actions for support beyond a high-level 'wish-list' concerning how to address the needs of EU industry in the Green Deal's twin transition.
  • Ways to improve and target policy positioning and priorities (EU, MS and regional) for industrial greening transition.
  • Transferable, good practice examples of industry-driven interregional coll​aboration, to contribute to an EU 'roadmap' for green, industrial transition.
Please register here by the 3rd February at 17h00.

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Outcome of the ​meeting

This webinar brought together EU actors and experts from political, industrial, social and policy perspectives to discuss t​​​​​​​​​he European Commission's recently announced update of its New Industrial Strategy which reflects the demand for action beyond Industrial Policy parameters and possible changes following the Covid-19 pandemic.

With no immediate signs of a swift end to the health pandemic - and the associated social and economic consequences – regions and their industries have entered 2021 with a great deal of uncertainty concerning their future viability. The EU’s Green Deal investment package has been heralded as the key to supporting industry’s revival and future resilience. There is now an urgent need for a ‘reality check’ concerning how EU industry can navigate this pathway. Maximising the benefits of financial support to industry must be underpinned by knowledge and capacity of specific measures and actions linked to digital and energy transitions. The distance between the current reality for many EU businesses and high-level, EU aspirations is significant. How EU industry ‘finds its way’ will largely depend upon the nature of the framework conditions they face at local, national and EU levels, as well as their ability to access policy guidance and investment support for digital and energy transition.

The webinar covered a number of important topics with the aim of supporting an improved industrial pathway towards successful twin transitions. This generated a wide-ranging exchange of views. Key messages from the event have been brought together under 4 core recommendations:

· Acknowledge the ‘baseline’ of gaps in the industrial pathway to securing the EU’s green and digital future, including the gaps and solutions in the instruments and support currently available for interregional value chain collaboration

· Adopt a ‘whole system’ approach to the Industrial Strategy refresh, championing the need for alignment across the related policy spectrum at EU, national and regional levels

· Clarify the specific, added value role the EU can play to guide industry towards successful transition, underpinned by a supporting ‘roadmap’

· Provide transferable, good practice examples of both actions and outcomes to deliver successful green and digital industrial transition

Summary of the webinar​

Link for the meeting:
EP and ECON Commission Webinar on The New Ind​ustrial Strategy (

Contact Person: Claudia Moser
Organizer: ECON
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