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Youth empowerment and democracy  

​The CoR wishes to strengthen the importance of the empowerment of young people as active citizens so that they can bring democracy alive, in particular at local level, in a highly polarised context where democratic values are disputed through social media networks with disinformation and hate speech, frequently leading to hate-crime, the undermining of democracy and breaking social cohesion. All around the world, the young are striving to be heard as citizens and are pushing for democracy, a universal aspiration that ensures decent living conditions and dignity for all. As young people are showing deep disengagement with the traditional democratic processes, it is crucial to strengthen their digital and civic education, imagine new spaces for participation and debate with them, putting in place measures to empower them and strengthen their place in society, particularly those furthest away from the life of the city, so that they can regain ownership over their citizens' rights and promote and defend democratic values.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to promote a transgenerational debate on democracy and youth empowerment, to give visibility to concrete experiences at local level on how to reinforce social cohesion and the promotion of the values of democracy with the empowerment of young people, with contributions from young people, local authorities and associations and organisations from across the EU and outside.

The workshop will also be a contribution to the co-creation process building a European Charter for youth and democracy launched in March 2022 by the CoR and the European Youth Forum.

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