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COTER external Seminar on "The challenges and opportunities for economic, social and territorial development in the outermost regions"  
This external Seminar of the COTER commission intends to further contribute towards the follow up of the CoR opinion entitled “Towards full implementation of the renewed European Union Strategy for the outermost regions (ORs)” by enabling an exchange between representatives of cities, regions, European institution, experts from the EU, and civil society.
This external seminar is taking place as part of the process of analysing the implementation of the new European strategy on these territories, and aims to analyse the bottlenecks and the elements enabling the success of this EU Strategy.  This seminar would enable COTER members to discuss the issues faced by these European territories regarding their full economic and social development and the opportunities that these regions can offer the whole of the EU.
The objective of the seminar will be to create a greater understanding of issues faced by ORs with special focus on concrete projects. It aims to provide first-hand information on the enablers and barriers that the Outermost Regions face. The seminar would also provide useful input to the COTER commission's reflection on the best tools for future cohesion policy post-2020, supporting better growth and employment, the trans-European transport network and other EU programmes that directly affect the economic and territorial development of the ORs.
The input of local and regional experts in the ORs who manage various issues relating to economic development, sustainable development, social inclusion and environmental protection will enable CoR members to understand the important role of the EU in helping these regions to overcome the challenges they face.
The final agenda and practical information concerning transport and accommodation will be sent to COTER members shortly.

Organizer: European Committee of the Regions
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