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Opinion Number: CDR 5833/2017
Rapporteur: D'ATTIS Mauro
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 16/05/2018
To contribute towards the EU position on the possibilities of regulating supplies of pipeline gas from third countries to the EU.
Regarding the jurisdiction of the EU over foreign transmission interconnector pipelines in the EEZ of the EU member states, a certain degree of convergence with the EP rapproteur's position can be observed, but important differences of approach have remained.

- stresses that the availability of sufficient quantities of natural gas at reasonable prices from reliable suppliers through modern, safe and resilient import infrastructure constitutes a cornerstone of sustainable standards of living for local and regional communities;

- points out, however, that there have been fears about the strengthening of the dominant position of certain non-EU suppliers of natural gas, with resulting price distortions and the threat that such initiatives could pose to the necessary diversification of the EU's third-country energy sources;

- welcomes this legislative initiative from the Commission, while pointing out the importance of the necessary impact assessment in accordance with the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Lawmaking;

- specifies that the overall EU interest and the establishment of the Energy Union should be taken into account, as well as the need to uphold not only the principle of solidarity, but also the principles of proportionality and subsidiarity;

- reiterates therefore that new rules should take into account the features of the market, linked to the development of the related infrastructure in an EU energy union and aimed at secure, competitive and sustainable energy, and should be carefully thought through with a view to the long term, rather than being addressed on an ad-hoc basis.



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