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“Konkrēti pasākumi virzībā uz ES pilsētvides attīstības programmas īstenošanu”

Opinion Number: CDR 5511/2015
Rapporteur: DUNGER-LÖPER Hella
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/04/2016
Propose the steps that need to be taken on how to improve the urban dimension in EU policy.
Provide a political assessment and concrete cases, linked to the themes of the EU Urban Agenda, which show that either EU legislation,
urban governance, access to EU funding or the knowledge base can be improved;
Assess the wider territorial dimension of an EU Urban agenda including the urban-rural interlinkages.
This CoR opinion responds to a request by the Dutch Presidency of the Council sent to the CoR on 30 - September 2015. The CoR has been an active institutional actor over the whole process of discussion of the Pact of Amsterdam on the EU Urban Agenda. Representatives of the CoR have participated in the Urban Development Group and the Directors Generals responsible for Urban Development meetings providing its comments on the various draft versions of the Pact of Amsterdam.

In the meantime, Czech government and the UN HABITAT III Secretariat organised the European Conference on HABITAT III on 16-18 April 2016 in Prague. The "Declaration" adopted during this meeting, as an official input to the HABITAT III process, took into consideration the main messages of the Opinion. The CoR rapporteur, Ms Hella Dunger-Löper, had the opportunity to present the content of the opinion to the audience and, among other aspects, the final version of the Prague Declaration recognised the holistic and integrated approach for a New Urban Agenda, as well as the relevance of international cooperation and exchanges between regional and local authorities to promote sustainable economic development, social and environmental protection.

Moreover, the EU Capital Mayors adopted a Declaration on 21 April in Amsterdam, where the COTER Chair, Mr Raffaele Cattaneo represented the CoR. This political statement clearly followed the CoR Opinion and endorsed the fact that the final goal of the EU Urban Agenda should be a genuine cross-cutting anchoring of the urban dimension in the EU decision-making process ("urban mainstreaming"), which applies to all relevant European policies and legislation, with a bottom-up approach.

Finally, the Pact of Amsterdam on the Urban Agenda was adopted by the EU ministers in charge of urban matters on 30 May 2016 in Amsterdam. A number of CoR recommendations was taken on board in the final version of the Pact, such as the clarification of the status of the CoR as an EU advisory body, the inclusion of a chapter on Member States, including the commitment to engage the relevant bodies at all levels of government in the implementation of the EU Urban Agenda, as well as the call upon the European Commission (EC) to regularly report on the state of play of the EU Urban Agenda.

- notes that the aim of the new EU Urban Agendas is to improve the quality of life in towns and cities and to develop new "urban" governance, in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. Three key criteria are crucial to making this process successful: transparency, participation and binding force;

- underlines that EU policies must not encourage a competitive relationship between urban and rural dimensions in so far as they are integrated geographically, administratively and in terms of functional and thematic policies;

- notes that the EU Urban agenda should also provide guidance for the EU's negotiation positions with view to the Habitat III conference, Quito, October 2016;

- asks that the European Commission plays a strong and binding role in dealing with coordination. This includes the appointment of the first vice-president as coordinator of the EU Urban Agenda, who through his role would also guarantee a close link with the Better Regulation agenda;

- continues to call for a systematic review of ways of improving support for towns, cities and their functional areas;

- recommends the use of the Investment Advisory Hub set up at the European Investment Bank in order to be able to make systematic use of the EIB's financing instruments for towns and cities;

- asks the European Commission for a White Paper that assesses and systematises the results of the thematic partnerships and describes the elements of better governance.



7th meeting of towns and regions in Bratislava on „Invest und Connect“

Speech at the Summit

08 Jul

CoR Forum on the EU Urban Agenda

The CoR organised the Forum on the EU Urban Agenda in Amsterdam on 30 May 2016, jointly with the Association of Netherlands Municipalities, the Association of the Provinces of the Netherlands, the City of Amsterdam and the Province of Noord-Holland. The Forum was an excellent opportunity to group the key players in charge of the Urban Agenda. Participants had the opportunity to learn about urban best practices and take part in very interesting discussions on how cities can become smarter, greener and more inclusive, as well as, how cities can cooperate with neighbouring municipalities within functional regions. There was a general consensus about the fact that the adoption of the Pact of Amsterdam was not the end, but only the beginning of a continuous process of implementing the Urban Agenda.

30 May

5th Dialogue between EU Capital Mayors and the European Commission

The aim of the EU Capitals Mayors' Meeting 2016 is to discuss some of the challenges against the backdrop of the EU Urban Agenda.

20 Apr

EIB Seminar with the EP Urban Policy lntergroup on “How Europe’s towns and cities can address current refugee crises?”

Speech at the EIB Seminar with the EP Urban Policy lntergroup on “How Europe’s towns and cities can address current refugee crises?”, in Brussels.

06 Apr

Seminar on "How to strengthen the integration of migrants in urban context?”

Speech at the seminar at the invitation of the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corinna Cretu.

05 Apr

Regional meeting HABITAT III

The European regional meeting of HABITAT III in Prague was part of the official preparatory process of the Third United Nations summit on housing and sustainable urban development “Habitat III”, which will take place in Quito, Ecuador, on 17-20 October 2016.

The meeting focused on the region of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe consisting of 56 Member States (European countries beyond the EU + USA and Canada), and participation is open for all stakeholders.

The goal of the event was to involve a wide range of participants that will debate regional priorities for the “New Urban Agenda”, at global level, and policy recommendations in the form of a final “Prague Declaration”.

16 Mar

Joint COTER/REGI Hearing on "Implementation of the EU Urban Agenda: towards the Pact of Amsterdam"

Joint EP-Committee of the Regions public hearing on the
Urban Agenda.

25 Jan

Informal Council of Ministers meeting on urban policy

Participation in and speech at the informal Council of Ministers meeting on urban policy in Luxembourg

27 Nov
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