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Audiovizuālo mediju pakalpojumu direktīvas pārskatīšana

Opinion Number: CDR 4093/2016
Rapporteur: HORVÁTH Jácint
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/12/2016
Europe's audio-visual media rules need to be fit for the 21st Century. The proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amends Directive 2010/13/EU.
The review focuses on the roles of different market players in the promotion of European works, and it considers how to adapt the existing rules (the Audio-visual Media Services Directive) to new business models for content distribution.
No impact.

 welcomes the amendment on derogations from the country of origin principle, which allow, in the context of clearer and simpler procedures, the interests of the destination country to be taken into account;

 regrets, however, that the new directive does not take the regional dimension into consideration as recommended previously by the Committee of the Regions;

 insists on the need to involve local and regional authorities in implementing the directive, as these bodies have a very important role to play in the area of audiovisual media services;

 reiterates that the independence of national regulatory authorities, both from public authorities, audiovisual actors and political parties, is a cornerstone of the European Audiovisual Media Regulation, which Member States are responsible for ensuring at all costs, and which is the primary guarantee of the diversity of information and a pluralistic media market at European, national, local and regional level;

 welcomes the fact that the revised directive extends its field of application to video sharing platform services;

 considers it appropriate, in the various ERGA procedures, to take account of the regional dimensions of certain regulatory issues and to reflect territorial principles;

 welcomes the fact that the revised directive bolsters and harmonises protection for minors;

 is concerned with the fact that the proposed regulation does not address transparency of media ownership, media concentration and conflicts of interest, all of which have a major impact upon media pluralism and media freedom;

 agrees that micro and small enterprises should not be obliged to contribute financially to the production of European works; asks the Commission to note, however, that many local and regional television stations broadcasting on their website in the form of on-demand audiovisual media services do not fall within this category



General apporach in the Council

The Council reached a general approach on the proposal for a revised directive on audiovisual media services on the basis of a final compromise text presented by the Maltese Presidency on the main issues still open: scope of the directive, jurisdiction rules, quota for European works and financial contributions.

22 May

Vote in EP CULT Committee

Vote in committee, 1st reading/single reading and decision to open interinstitutional negotiations with report adopted in EP CULT committee

25 Apr

Expert discussion on “the European public”

The rapporteur participated in a roundtable debate on the revision of the audio-visual media services directive/Public service broadcasting.

29 Nov

Subsidiarity Analysis

Consultation of the Subsidiarity Expert Group

29 Jul

Stakeholder consultation

The rapporteur and his expert discussed their ideas and point of view regarding the new AVMSD proposal.

28 Jul

Meeting with DG CNECT

The rapporteur met DG CNECT Head of Unit in charge and discussed the Commission's proposal.

28 Jul
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