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Opinion Number: CDR 3178/2021
Rapporteur: SCHOUTEN Marieke
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 27/01/2022
Opinion on the Communication "Pathway to a Healthy Planet for All - EU Action Plan: Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil" or "Zero Pollution Action Plan".

A general opinion on the Action Plan could potentially:
Address specific files or actions included in the Action Plan.
Contribute to assessments included in the Plan on the need of future actions.
Provide inputs to mainstream cross-cutting zero pollution proposals in other policy areas.
Address direct involvement of CoR in actions, especially the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.
The opinion provided inputs for subsequent actions, including legislative proposals subsequently proposed that were foreseen by the Action Plan.
More details on specific files can be provided.
The CoR role in the implementation of the Zero Pollution Action Plan has continued with the appointment of the CoR Rapporteur as Co-chair of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform, a new initiative co-chaired by CoR and European Commission and with the participation of multiple CoR members to its activities.
Website of the Platform:

 welcomes the European Commission's Communication on the EU Action Plan: 'Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil', its focus on health and its cross-cutting approach. The CoR looks forward to the announced actions and proposals and calls for them to be coherent and consistent with each other and other Green Deal initiatives;

 emphasises that pollution is a major problem that needs to be tackled through effective multilevel governance and a cross-border approach: each stakeholder has its role, and action at all levels is necessary to prevent local and regional authorities (LRAs) from being confronted with negative effects at the end of the chain;

 welcomes the six main 2030 targets as a start but regrets that most of the targets are not new. The CoR feels that more ambition and additional action is needed and encourages the Commission to start a continuous process of reviewing and adjusting targets towards the 2050 vision and to include the CoR in this process;

 points out that the post-pandemic recovery should focus on "One Health", acknowledging the interconnectedness between human, environmental and animal health;

 welcomes the new zero pollution hierarchy based on a "reverse pyramid" but regrets that "remedying and offsetting pollution-related damage" is given minimal consideration;

 calls for the polluter pays principle (PPP) to be better integrated into environmental legislation, in particular by lowering emissions limits to further reduce residual pollution and dealing with diffuse pollution from all sources, including agriculture;

 draws attention to the European Environment Agency (EEA) analysis , which shows that sub-optimal implementation of environmental legislation is most often the result of ineffective coordination between authorities, a lack of administrative capacity, insufficient funding, a lack of knowledge and data, insufficient compliance mechanisms and a lack of policy integration. The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform should foster better coordination among all levels of government and across policy areas. The CoR strongly supports the new platform and welcomes its own role in it as a recognition of the great importance of LRAs for the zero pollution ambition.



New European Environment Agency Report on Soil

18 Jan

Zero Pollution Stakeholder Conference

The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 14 December 2022, focusing on the first Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook, with high-level discussions in the morning and parallel ‘deep dives’ in the afternoon.

5 CoR members will intervene as speakers.

  • 1st VP Tzitzikostas will speak in the introductory part (TBC);
  • Ms Schouten (Co-chair of the ZPSP and ENVE Rapporteur on the Zero Pollution Action Plan) will speak in the main discussion in the morning.
    Three members will speak in the parallel deep dive sessions in the afternoon:
  • Ms Sacrédeus (Rapporteur on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan) in the session on Health and Pollution;
  • Ms Power (Member of the Green Deal Going Local Working Group) in the session on Biodiversity and Pollution;
  • Mr Menesini (Rapporteur on EU Strategy for Sustainable Circular Economy and Textiles) in the session on Circular Economy and Pollution.

14 Dec

First Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook Report and Third Air Quality Outlook

The European Commission published these two very important reports.
The Zero Pollution Monitorign and Outlook Report is focused on the targets of the Zero Pollution Action Plan.

Both reports were presented and discussed at the Zero Pollution Stakholder Conference with participation of CoR Rapporteur Ms Schouten and other CoR members, in connection with the wider activities of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.

08 Dec

"Air Quality in Europe 2022" assessment published by the European Environment Agency (EEA)

The EEA has published its full ‘Air quality in Europe 2022’ assessment, presenting the status of air quality in Europe, assessing the impacts of air pollution on health and ecosystems, and identifying sources of emissions to air.

Europe’s air quality keeps improving and the number of people dying early or suffering illness due to air pollution is in decline. However, according to the EEA's analysis, air pollution is still the largest environmental health risk in Europe, and more ambitious measures are needed to meet the health-based guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the EEA analysis, air pollution continues to pose significant risks to health in Europe, causing chronic illness and premature deaths. In 2020, 96% of the EU’s urban population was exposed to concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) above the WHO guideline level. Air pollution also harms biodiversity and damages agricultural crops and forests, causing major economic losses.

At least 238,000 early deaths from fine particles in the EU.

Further information in the link below.

24 Nov

Zero Pollution Package: new rules for cleaner air and water

The European Commission presented a package of three proposals on Zero Pollution.

  • revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives will set interim 2030 EU air quality standards, aligned more closely with World Health Organization guidelines, while putting the EU on a trajectory to achieve zero pollution for air at the latest by 2050
  • a revised Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive, which will help Europeans benefit from cleaner rivers, lakes, groundwaters and seas, while making wastewater treatment more cost-effective
  • updated lists of water pollutants to be more strictly controlled in surface waters and groundwater.

The CoR opinion on the Zero Pollution Action Plan included elements on all these issues.

26 Oct

Zero Pollution: Europeans seriously worried about air quality and call for stronger action

A special Eurobarometer survey indicates that Europeans are worried about the effect of air pollution on health and the environment.

Key findings of the survey:
Concern about health and environmental impact of air pollution
Perception that air quality has worsened
Support for strengthening EU air quality standards
Support for more action to promote air quality, especially at international level
Individual action to reduce harmful emissions

24 Oct

EU pledging initiatives and their role in the zero pollution ambition

Information on a new study on enhancing EU pledging initiatives to improve results and impacts on zero pollution were published in the framework fo the activities of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.

18 Oct

Zero Pollution Going Local: CoR call for EU Green Deal Best Practices

The CoR launched a new call for best practices to collect and promote projects that address low-carbon, sustainability and zero pollution in air, water, and soil.

in the link below information on how to provide a best practice.

18 Oct

3rd meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform focused on local and regional dimension

The third meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform took place in Brussels, Belgium on 11 October 2022. This meeting was focused on the local and regional dimension and was held during the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC).
Before the meeting the CoR hosted a High-level Event on Zero Pollution in the framework of the EWRC (see relative entry).

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr Markkula (FI/EPP), Vice President of the CoR and Vice Co-chair of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.

Presentations, press release and recording available in the link below.

11 Oct

High level workshop European Week of Regions and Cities: Zero Pollution: a driver for sustainability

A high-level workshop on Zero Pollution was organized in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC).
This workshop was complementary to the 3rd meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform, held on the same day and focused on the local and regional dimension.
The Platform has been set up and is co-chaired by the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions.

The session was co-chaired by Mr Markkula (FI/EPP), Vice President of the CoR and Vice Co-chair of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.

Summary and link to recording available in the link below.

11 Oct

Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform Member State Steering Committee meeting

Rapporteur SCHOUTEN, aslo Co-chair of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform, participated as speaker to the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform Member State Steering Committee meeting.

29 Sep

New proposals on Industrial Emissions

The European Commission adopted proposals for revised EU measures to address pollution from large industrial installations

  • Revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive
  • Revision of the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR)

05 Apr

Europe’s air quality status 2022 report

The new Europe's air quality status report of 2022 prepared by the European Environment Agency (EEA) has been published.
It indicates that the vast majority of Europe’s urban population remains exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.

01 Apr

1st Meeting Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform

The Euopean Commission and the CoR, coherently with the Zero Pollution Action Plan, have been cooperating to set up a new Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.
Website of the Platform:
The Platform will effectively mainstream the zero pollution agenda. It will bring together stakeholders and experts of different policy areas, such as health, agriculture, research and innovation, transport, digitalisation and the environment. It will create co-ownership, promote collaboration, and foster integrated solutions to maximise synergies with decarbonisation and post-COVID 19 recovery efforts.

The CoR will have ain important role in the Platform.
It will express the Co-chair, that will be Ms Schouten (NL/Greens) Rapporteur for the Zero Pollution Action Plan.
Mr MArkkula (FI/EPP), former CoR President and member of the Green Deal Going Local Working Group will be Backup co-chair.
The CoR will host part of the activities of the platform.
The Secretariat of the Platform is composed by staff of DG ENV and o the ENVE Secretariat.
CoR members (especially rapporteurs) are foreseen to participate to specific thematic events organized by the Platform.
CoR webpage on the Platform

The Platform will be lead by a Platforgm Group composed by multiple Stakeholders selected throught a call. The Group will meet for the first time on 16 December with an online meeting with minimal in person presence (at the Berlaymont buidling of the European Commission).

Mr Tzitzikkostas, President of the CoR and Mr Timmermans, Executive Vice President for the Green Deal of the European Commission will open the meeting with introductory speeches.
Ms Schouten and Patrick child (Deputy Director-General DG ENV) will co-chair the meeting.
Ms Schouten and Mr Sinkevičius​, Commissioner for Environment, will provide concluding remarks.

The meeting will be public and will be visible at the following link:

16 Dec

New Soil Strategy

The European Commission has approved a new Soil Strategy to 2030.

17 Nov

Event Revisiting Odour Pollution in Europe

The CoR rapporteur participated as speaker to an online event on Revisiting Odour Pollution in Europe.

This was an event of the European Parliament Intergroup on ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development’, co-organized with MIO-ECSDE and the EU-funded D-NOSES project.
It was hosted by Ms Spyraki (EPP/EL) Co-chair of the intergroup.
The CoR is in the advisory group of the intergroup.

28 Oct

Stakeholder Conference on the revision of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD)

18th meeting of the Technical Platform for Cooperation of the Environment - Stakeholder Conference on the revision of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD)

The Rapporteur, Ms Schouten (NL/Greens) participated to this event as speaker.

The revisions of the UWWTD is included in the Zero Pollution Action Plan.

26 Oct

Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform website activated and call for applications launched

The Website of the new Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform has been activated. Further developments are expected.
The Zero Pollution Action Plan plans for the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions to set up the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform.

The CoR has also created a webpage on the Platform in its website.

A call for applications to partiicpate to the Platform Group has been opened.

07 Oct

2nd International Day of Clean Air for blue skies - Statement of CoR rapporteur

7 September 2021 is the 2nd International Day of Clean Air for blue skies.
The theme for 2021 is “Healthy Air, Healthy Planet” which emphasizes the health effects of air pollution, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
More information on the website of the intiiative
And on the website of UNEP

On 8 Septmeber the CoR Rapporteur on Zero Pollution, Ms SCHOUTEN (NL/GREENS) published a declaration in the CoR Twitter.

07 Sep
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