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2017. gada ziņojums par ES pilsonību

Opinion Number: CDR 1319/2017
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 30/11/2017
See pages 48-55 of the follow-up report drafted by the European Commission:


- reiterates, in line with its existing opinions on the previous citizenship reports, that, when facing the challenges posed by the globalization process, the social dimension inherent in citizenship, and regional and local authorities' specific responsibilities for it, cannot be disregarded.

- is deeply concerned at the implications for citizenship that may ensue from the UK's decision to leave the EU; considers it absolutely necessary – with due clarity and full respect for legal certainty – to guarantee the rights of European citizens and their families residing in the United Kingdom and UK citizens living in other European Union Member States based on the principle of reciprocity.

- considers that the work of local and regional authorities will be key in taking forward the Commission's proposals to raise awareness of citizens' rights.

- considers that, as regards the strengthening of the democratic principle, the contribution of local authorities is crucial as a primary and immediate sphere for European citizens to participate in representative democracy.

- agrees that one of the core dimensions of citizenship – as well as the most immediate – concerns citizens' participation in local and regional elections; emphasises, furthermore, that participation in European Parliament elections in the country of residence is also an important expression of European citizens' rights, but the fact that these elections are governed by different national rules runs counter to a pan-European approach; therefore suggests adopting the proposals of the European Parliament to make election campaigns more European, and taking up the idea of transnational lists for the election of MEPs.

- underlines the importance of simple and transparent rules in order to enable EU citizens to live in other EU Member States and fully participate in the social life of the country. Acknowledges the need for a multilevel governance approach, where all level of governments should work together to facilitate this process.
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