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Regional Development through EU Funds  
In cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Novi Sad, the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina is implementing the “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds” Programme in order to develop the institutional infrastructure and framework for decreasing regional disparities. 

The workshop will aim at information dissemination on the EU processes and regional policies, underlying the significance of EU funds and obtaining an adequate expert analysis of regional development in the​ framework of EU integration. The foreign expert from the MS of the EU/EEA will ensure the effect of transfer of know-how to stakeholders in the public and civil sector, as well as the dissemination of comprehensive information on the functioning of the EU institutions, policy creation and implementation through funds available to the Member States and other countries in the preaccession process. The speakers will present detailed information on a wide range of available EU funds, results of successful projects in Vojvodina and control of the spending of EU funds. The purpose of this approach is the coordination of timely support and capacity building of the public administration in those aspects that are key to the use of EU funds in different sectors directly involved in the integration process.

Organizer: European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Faculty of Economics of the University of Novi Sad
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