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Towards a society for all ages  

​For the past four years, approximately 200 researchers from 35 countries have worked together in the COST Action IS1402 on AGEISM ( to develop a comprehensive body of knowledge on the topic of ageism.

Our collaborative work has resulted in numerous publications, a special issue and an open-access book by Springer: Contemporary Perspectives on Ageism.

Our goals for this final meeting are to:

1. Present the outcomes of the COST Action on Ageism to national and sub-national policymakers responsible for providing services and developing programmes targeting older citizens
2. Increase awareness to the topic of ageism and present solutions to combat ageism at grass-root level.
3. Facilitate action to reduce ageism through sub-national policy and legislations

Contact Person: Nathalie De Craecker
Organizer: AGE Platform Europe
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