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Invitation to a stakeholder consultation consultation by European Committee of the Regions' rapporteur Mr Andrew COOPER (UK/EA) - Environmental Implementation Review  
The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is drafting an Opinion on the "Environmental Implementation Review (EIR)". The rapporteur on the opinion, Mr Andrew COOPER (UK/EA), Member of Kirklees Council, and his expert, would like to invite representatives of local and regional associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on the relevant topics of this opinion.
The consultation will take place on:
Thursday 23 March 2017 between 14.30 and 16.30
in the Committee of the Regions building
(Rue Belliard 99-101, B-1040 Brussels)
Room JDE 70
Please find attached the latest European Commission Communication on the EIR.
After a short introduction by the rapporteur, the rapporteur and his expert would be keen to hear your views during the meeting on the different aspects of the EIR and on the issues he could raise in his opinion.
This concerns in particular the following questions:
  • Do you consider the scope of the EIR as sufficient? In the first EIR cycle, climate change and industrial emissions are not included.
  • How can we ensure consistency in the methodologies used by member states to ensure meaningful comparisons can be made?
  • How do you see the link of the EIR with other actions of the EC to enforce implementation?
  • How do you think Member States should involve local and regional authorities and stakeholders in the upcoming national dialogues?
  • Do you agree with the main implementation gaps and root causes identified in the European Commission Communication (chapters 2 and 3)?  In particular, which actions would you recommend to local and regional authorities to tackle them, which supporting actions by the EU and Member States to local and regional authorities?
  • Where would you see the CoR in the EIR governance?
In addition, if you have any position papers on subject for the attention of the rapporteur, you are welcome to send them to us by e-mail using the address below.
The meeting will be in English. Please note there will be no interpretation.
For practical reasons, you are kindly asked to register your participation before end of business on Monday, 20 March 2017 via the following link.
For more information, please contact via email the ENVE Secretariat:
Please note that in order to reduce paper waste, the CoR will not provide paper copies of documents for the meeting.

Organizer: Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE)
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