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Protecting Industrial and Craft Geographical Indications in the European Union (revised)

Opinion Number: CDR 2982/2022
Rapporteur: PINVILLE Martine
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 11/10/2022
Increasing the involvement of local and regional authorities in the protection and enforcement of craft and industrial geographical indicators.
Raising awareness of the new regulation among the local and regional authorities.
Securing the proper role of local and regional authorities in the preparation and endorsement of industrial and craft geographical indicators.
Follow-up to the opinion on the protection of industrial and craft geographical indicators.
The CoR opinion was a base for tabling amendments to the pinion presented in the European Parlianemt by MEP Marion Walsmann on 27.10.2022

- welcomes the European Commission's proposal, which responds to the demands from European local and regional authorities;

- underlines the importance, in specific and justified cases, that a request to register a GI be granted to a regional or local authority;

- points out that many of these authorities already support sectors, in both the structuring and development phase of ICGIs and in implementing and promoting them;

- welcomes the fact that this proposal builds on the experience of GIs in agricultural and agri-food matters and that a harmonised approach between the different schemes is favoured;

- stresses that the European Union should ensure the same level of protection regardless of the nature of the GI;

- notes the inclusion of a direct registration procedure and calls for equal treatment in all procedures, whether or not they include a step for national registration;

- highlights the need to implement credible controls and is therefore concerned about the control procedure based on self-declaration as proposed by the European Commission;

- highlights the importance it attaches to the issue of innovation and research, which should not be hampered by product specifications or by an overly restrictive interpretation of the terms "tradition" and "traditional";

- emphasises the importance of ensuring that costs, in particular those related to appeals, such as the appeal fee, are non-discriminatory, so that every GI-holder can access them;

- recommends that the EUIPO's powers to verify geographical indications be clearly set out in a legal act.



Council adopts the Regulation

On 9 October the Council has adopted the Regulation. This is the last step in the decision-making procedure. Once this regulation comes into force, the geographical indications (GI) of industrial products linked to the geographical area of production (such as Albacete cutlery, Bohemian glass, Limoges porcelain) will enjoy similar protection to regionally produced foods or beverages.

09 Oct

Provisional agreement between colegislators on ICGIs

The colegislators agreed on final version of the Regulation.

02 May

CoR reacts to Council position

The Council has adopted its position which is in some apects contradictory to CoR opinion and in some is in line.

01 Dec

Rapporteurs visit to the EUIPO

The rapporteur along with NAT delegation visited EUIPO in Alicante, where process of ICGI management was explained.

03 Oct
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