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Opinion Number: CDR 187/2011
Rapporteur: REEPALU Ilmar
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 15/12/2011

- calls for explicit recognition by Rio+20 of urbanisation as one key emerging challenge the world needs to address, and for greater support for the exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge on sustainable urban development between subnational governments and local authorities on a global scale;

- calls upon Rio+20 to adopt a green economy roadmap, which however should include a specific section on green local economy that recognises the key role played by subnational governments and local authorities, and in particular promotes an international Covenant of Mayors and Regions and supports decentralised cooperation for development; a possible capacity development scheme should oblige beneficiary countries to closely involve their sub-national levels of governance in the process;

- requests that subnational governments and local authorities need to have a place in the institutional framework for sustainable development as relevant governmental actors with full recognition alongside national governments and UN entities. Rio+20 should adapt the existing structures of the so-called "Major Groups", for instance by creating a new and inclusive category of "governmental stakeholders", and mandate a future World Environment Organisation (or UNEP), or a future Sustainable Development Council to create a standing committee for subnational and local governments;

- requests Rio+20 to define the future governance frameworks necessary to further develop Local Agenda 21 and to support the promotion of environmental democracy globally, for example by supporting the introduction of other regional conventions like the UNECE Aarhus Convention, or initiating negotiations on a global Convention on Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration.
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