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Enlargement Package 2021

Opinion Number: CDR 109/2022
Rapporteur: MAGYAR Anna
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 29/06/2022
The CoR has a statutory role in EU enlargement policy via the Joint Consultative Committees (JCCs) where the CoR represents the EU. Its integrated EU enlargement approach also includes Working Groups (WGs) for countries without JCCs of their own yet, as well as the annual flagship Enlargement Day event. In addition, the CoR monitors the enlargement process via the adoption of regular opinions – such as this one - on each annual enlargement package of the European Commission.

- is in favour of all Western Balkans countries as well as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia joining the EU, provided they meet all the accession criteria.

- underlines the importance of sending positive signals to them to foster their engagement in the regrettably long process of becoming EU Members.

- highlights that missing a real and trustworthy EU perspective would lead to frustrations in the partner countries and risks leading to further influence of third countries in the region.

- calls on the Council and Commission to further strengthen bonds and deepen partnership to support Ukraine.

- calls on all countries involved to demonstrate their commitment to EU values and standards.

- reiterates that the rule of law and the functioning of democratic institutions are the unnegotiable foundations of the functioning of Member States of the European Union.

- recalls that 70 per cent of the EU acquis is implemented at the sub-national level, encourages exploring and applying best practices in the cooperation with and involvement of LRAs in enlargement-related matters, as they are strategic partners in the process and key actors in making the enlargement success to the citizens.

- reiterates that public administration reform in the Western Balkans countries cannot be implemented without good governance at local level, and calls on the EC to incorporate into its public administration reform support measures and instruments and more detailed performance indicators of the involvement of LRAs in the overall reform process.

- calls on the Commission to increasingly facilitate the exchange of best practices among LRAs on ways of greater involvement of citizens in preparation of local budgets and policies, through measures such as participatory budgeting and offers its full support in this regard.



7th Enlargement Day

Ms Anna Magyar (HU/ECR), CoR rapporteur on TheEnlargement Package 2021, Member of the County Council of Csongrád Megye, presented the opinion at the occasion of the 7th Enlargement Day Plenary Session in the panel entitled The Western Balkans and Turkey: Finally Some Movement – or More of the Same? The 2022 Enlargement Day was organized in co-operation with the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. To celebrate 2022 as the European Year of Youth, all the six sub-events of Enlargement Day also addressed the theme of youth.

07 Jul
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