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15th SEDEC commission meeting and conference on "Culture unites the Community"  
The external meeting and conference of the SEDEC Commission will take place in Timisoara, Romania on 28-29 September 2017. The draft opinions on "Work-life balance for parents and careers" (rapporteur Nathalie SARRABEZOLLES (FR/PES); "Modernising school and higher education" (rapporteur Csaba BORBOLY (RO/EPP)) and "Local and regional perspective on promoting public sector innovation via digital solutions" (rapporteur Frank CECCONI (FR/ALDE)) will be adopted and the working document for the opinion on "Digital Single Market: Mid-term review" (rapporteur Alin-Adrian NICA (RO/EPP)) will be discussed.
The conference entitled "Culture Unites the Community" on 29 September 2017 will count on the participation of the Mayor of Timişoara, Mr Nicolae Robu, MEP Mircea Diaconu, Vice-Chair of the CULT Committee, and the Romanian Minister Delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu together with more than 100 elected representatives of EU cities and regions and representatives of national authorities, the European Commission, agencies, artists, universities and the private sector.
The debate to take place in two dedicated session would constitute an opportunity to interact with practitioners in the field and outreach to the local and regional level in order to prepare the ground for a successful European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018.

Organizer: SEDEC Secretariat
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